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  • Chai Chic! Designer Dreidels by Jonathan Adler


    A modern dreidel to drool over

    It’s been a while since we last brought you the modern menorah and it’s not for lack of trying.
    Chanukah may be the Festival of Lights, but it’s pretty dim on the design side.

    All we want for Chanukah are decorative objects that offer the same design aesthetic as any other item in our home.

    There should be a bit of whimsy for the children, but not goofy. It should incorporate tradition and modernity. It should be more than “descent enough” for Chanukah. It must be gorgeous enough to stand on its own design merits.

    Well, after sifting through a slew of tchotchkes, we finally turned up something cute.

    Jonathan Adler’s mod enamel driedels are modern, stylish, and so adorable that you may want to leave them on a shelf long after the last spin. Choose from ceramic dots or Hebrew letters.

    It’s the best in chai chic!

    Enamel Dreidels by Jonathan Adler at The Jewish Museum Shops

    Photos, The Jewish Museum


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