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  • Viva Designer Espadrilles, the on trend summer shoe, be it designer or classic


    I almost feel that its an oxymoron to say that espadrilles are right on trend this summer

    Nothing says bring on the warm weather more than a pair of espadrilles!

    Espadrilles have got to be one of those summer classics that you can never go wrong with and are always super comfy and add an instant Euro beachy feel to whatever you are wearing.

    Dating back to the Pyrenees at about the 14th century, the cotton canvas espadrille is also one of the most accessible off the runway trends this season and instantly adds a certain je nais se quois to casual clothes.

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    It’s the shoe that you want to collect summer after summer especially to add a instant pop of crazy color, as the natural rope sole makes everything seem so, well, natural.

    It’s just about impossible to imagine any other shoe as democratic than an espadrille as it comes in almost every price range and color… not to mention style!

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    Either, tzujed up designer espadrilles like the Missoni Zigzag Wedge Espadrilles pair above or the fantabulous Lanvin versions, to a classic flat slip-on espadrille style, as pictured left, to ankle wraps, platforms and wedges in almost every heel height, to leather sandal-like uppers, there’s an espadrille style that’s absolutely right for you.

    I love these shoes as long as I don’t get caught in rainstorm wearing them… glug, glug. Go and enjoy some summer sun…

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