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  • DL1961 Denim Spring 2013


    DL1961 Denim Spring 2013 Runway Review: The DL1961 Denim To Make Your Next Cult

    We all have our denim brands we are devoted to and follow like it’s their last world tour, which I commend and adhere to myself (I am devoted to AG, Rag & Bone, and Lucky Brand – period), but I dare I say, there is a new (fairly new) denim cult to follow, and it’s DL1961.  It’s as simple as this: it’s all in the fit.  For those curve-a-licious girls in particular, this is THE brand for you.  On that note, I would say for those without any hips and an ass, this may not be your spiritual denim calling.


     DL1961 more or less commits to a 5-pocket jean.  Basic, classic, clean, no jazzing up in un-necessary ways.  The added variety include moto-skinny jeans with zippers, and 5-pockets with embroidered side seam panels.  Their claim to fame is the revolutionary four-way stretch denim they use in a variety of weights, colors, and washes.  Translate four-way stretch denim = fits you like a smooth glove.  No tugging at your crotch, or grabbing the back loop to hike them up, or casually pulling down at the ankles with your other foot like you have an itch.  Perfect fit.  And extremely, incredibly, ass flattering!

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     Besides an array of colors, for Spring ’13 ranging in the sorbet colors, and clean indigo washes, there are some dainty conversational prints, and (my favs) the floral printed skinnies with beading.  For $90-$180 a pop, you can’t go wrong.  You, and everyone you pass on the sidewalk, will thank you for this denim awakening.  Go ahead, drink their Kool-Aid. — Alix Kivlin

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     >> Alix’s photo gallery of  DL1961 Denim Spring 2013

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    Photos & Words: Alix Kivlin

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