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  • Halloween dog costumes for our furry fashionistas

    19th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade poster

    Need Halloween costume inspiration? Take it from the dogs.

    It was time for the 19th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York’s East Village this weekend and, once again, the captivating canine costumes rival many humans in cleverness.

    We had Holly and Hef in a Playboy bed, Michael Jackson in Thriller, The Beatles Sergeant Pepper, The Army Recruiter, Crayola Art class, and our personal Gondoliers all in their doggy floats.

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    Pet Costumes


    Then there was the float-free super cuteness with a hillbilly, The Pope, Balloon Boy, Beyonce, a French Maid, some glamourella, The Princess and the Pea, ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ and so much adorable doggy style that you have to see it for yourself in the photo gallery below.

    Our Gondoliers

    The very well behaved furry fashionistas all strutted their stuff in the most civil way. No catfights or be-atches in the crowd. Just plenty of tail wagging and gourmet treats for all.

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    (Click on each picture for an enlarged slideshow view)

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