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  • Dog Walking Jacket does everything but wag the dog…


    Dressing for the dogs meets style and function

    Dog Walking Jacket does everything but wag the dog…
    Dressing for the dogs meets style and function from Let’s Go Design

    I know, a dog walking jacket does sound kooky!

    But if you are a pet owner who is into dog walks that consist of more than a once around the block quickie, take note…

    Typically, walking Fido involves grabbing the first item of clothing staring back at you from atop the chair, a pair of dark glasses to cover those unmade eyes, and a jacket with pockets big enough to hold some pooper bags. Rush out, 1-2-3, do the dirty deed, and be glad that the paparazzi could care less about your morning fashion faux pas.

    Well, we get dressed for every occasion so why not dress with some sense when it comes to walking the dog?
    [img5160|left]You can walk your dog in style and add new meaning to dressing for the dogs with theK-Rosco Dog Walking Utility Jacket from Let’s Go Design (get it?!).

    This four-in-one, all-season convertible dog walking jacket has all the bells and whistles– there is even a specially designed cargo pocket with extractable pick-up bags— to get Fido to heel, do his business, exercise, and keep you looking chic faster than you can say Victoria Sitwell.

    As the company motto says, “Being Prepared Never Looked So Good.” Just cinch in the waist belt/leash, and let’s go!


    K-Rosco Dog Walking Utility jacket features:

    Four Season Jacket- waterproof, wind resistant shell, zip-out fleece liner (can be worn alone as a 2nd jacket), and removable sleeves that convert to a vest
    Extractable Pick-up Bag
    Removable Treat Bag
    Waist Belt / Spare Leash
    Retractable Key Chain
    Reflective Piping
    Back Mesh Pocket
    Hands Free Dog Walking Capability
    Looks good too!

    –March 19, 2009

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