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  • Oslo Style: How to dress in snowy and slushy weather

    Oslo Style: How to dress in snowy and slushy weather

    Style tips to look cute in bad winter weather…

    This week has been far from glamorous when it comes to dressing! With temperatures dropping to minus-degrees, we have had both snow and rain most of the week in Oslo. And even though I am dreaming of California weather, every day before I wake up and quickly realize I need to dig deep into my closet for warm and comfy clothes it becomes quite ok that the season is changing. In just a few weeks, I will start my Christmas-shopping. I will listen to Christmas carols while I search for the perfect dress for the Christmas parties in December.

    However, despite of the colder weather I still manage to find some cute outfits to wear this week. So far, the black leather jacket has been my favorite this week – I think it is perfect for any outfit!


    On Tuesday I went “crazy” and chose a colorful outfit, which you rarely see in Oslo in October (and also very unusual for me to wear). But I guess a bit of color can´t do any harm when the weather makes the scenery grey…

    Take a peek at my look book photo gallery for slushy, snowy weather clothes. Do look at my outfit mash-ups and notice that I may be in Oslo but shopping can be very global with my favorite items from H&M, Marc Jacobs, Zara, Burberry, Levi’s, GAP, Benneton, and Mango… all are available in the United States! But my favorite piece is the knitted jumper by my grandpa. Until next time! –Kristine, From Oslo with Style

    What Kristine is wearing:


    Outfit 1

    • Leather jacket: H&M
    • Vest: Benetton
    • Jeans: Nudie Jeans
    • Boots: Bianco Footwear
    • Scarf: Bik Bok
    • Bag: Marc Jacobs
    • Belt: Gap
    • Headband: H&M


    Outfit 2

    • Knitted jumper: by my grandpa,
    • Shirt: Peak Performance,
    • Skinny velvet pants (purple): ZARA,
    • Boots: Bianco Footwear,
    • Purple leather bag: H&M,
    • Necklace: H&M



    Outfit 3

    • Poncho: H&M
    • Cardigan: ZARA
    • Jeans: Levis
    • Boots: Bianco Footwear
    • Bag: Marc Jacobs


    Outfit 4

    • Leather jacket: H&M
    • Bohemian waistcoat: ZARA
    • Jeans: Levis
    • Boots: Burberry
    • Necklace: H&M



    Outfit 5

    • Top: Mango,
    • Jacket: ZARA,
    • Jeans: Levis,
    • Boots: Bianco Footwear,
    • Necklace: H&M




    –November 19, 2008

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