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    15 years for FocusOnStyle online… oh, my! For our ongoing anniversary celebration, let’s revisit this 1999 feature covering Dress Tips for Women Over 50. What are some of your own go-to tips? – S.H.

    A Modern Take On Sex Appeal for Women Over Fifty

    Dear Sharon: Mid-life teenager, that’s me! I’m almost 50 years old and just started dating a wonderful, charming, and absolutely sexy man who is not chronologically challenged.

    At my age, most of the men I was able to date were about a decade younger or so much older that I was their “spring chicken”.

    Here’s my dilemma: It has been an eternity since I was excited enough to go shopping and buy date clothes that I haven’t a clue as to what to wear. I still look pretty good, keep in shape, and all… but I am hovering on geezerdom? What’s a gal to wear to look alluring and not ridiculous? –Golden Girl

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    Dear Golden Girl: Ridiculous????? Sweet sister of style, take a deep breath and reflect! Susan Sarandon. Farrah Fawcett. Isabella Rosellini. Signourey Weaver. Lauren Hutton. What two things do these women all share? They are old enough to have grown up with Lucy, Ricky, and the Mertzes on the boob tube and still be fantastically va-va-va-voom!

    Gone are the days of looking like a matronly old hag once the clocks hits 50. The progressive way is: Take care of yourself, stay vital, and look amazingly alive… that’s alluring! So, kick the idea of “approaching geezerdom” out of your very wise head.

    Sure, you’ll appear a little long in the tooth parading around in a look-alike outfit from Dawson Creek, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in a dowager moment either.

    Stay modern.

    You are now at the time of your life where you can hone in on your personal style in one quick blink of the eye. You have experimented with soooo many versions of trends that you can finally look back and intuitively edit your style choices to what looks right on YOU, and then tweak it! Add the nuances of the freshest trends to stay current— this includes hair and makeup, too. Style finally could not be simpler.

    If you have been suffering the style blues, perhaps the charge of a new boyfriend, a job opportunity, or a vacation can be the perker-upper for some wardrobe rehauling. But, on a day-to-day basis, a new love interest in your life should not be the main reason to go shopping. You need to look wonderful and alluring to yourself before you can be the same way to someone else.

    What you wear on a date—or for any other event– at fifty, twenty, or thirty-five follow the same rules: Wear what is the most appropriate for the occasion and what makes you feel the most upbeat. A vital mind should be reflected in a vital appearance. We should always attempt to dress in a way that makes us feel our best. When we feel great, we look great. Raggy, unflattering clothing does nothing more than squash our self-esteem.

    Here are a few helpful dress tips for women over 50 hints to continue looking like a red-hot mamma:
    – Think of yourself as a timeless icon. You have mastered and purified your style!
    – Keep it clean. Don’t go nuts with fussy extras and garish details.
    – Know your most flattering fit. You may still be lean, but not as taut as a teenager.
    – Let your hair shine and skin stay moist. This may involve some extra care, but the result is amazing.
    – Embrace what the future can offer. Being imprisoned by the past smashes your allure quotient to smithereens.
    – Have a sense a humor because dull is terribly aging!

    Let’s get back to “chronologically challenged” men, if you want to be appreciated as an ageless wonder, the same goes for your men-friends. A relationship should not be judged by calendar years, but rather by compatibility. Go out and get ‘em!

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    Original Publish 1999

    Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Sharon Haver

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