Fashion as Furniture: Dressed Chairs make your room as pretty as you

Found art finds fashion pretty enough to sit upon

We all know that we’ve done this at least once! You can’t believe how much you are madly in love with your new purchase. You purposely leave it strewn across a chair, just to kvel over like a doting grandmother.

There are those of us who have a cherished pair or two of gorgeous, yet impractical, shoes put blatantly on display to ogle, like an artful vignette under our nightstand.

Others have a nightly ritual of laying out the next day’s outfit, complete with accessories to be both prepared and admired in the process.

So why not take that same fashion inspiration and lavish it upon our furniture? chair dressed in TATA-NAKA chair dressed in TATA-NAKA

Interior designer Nata Janberidze of ROOMS in Tbilisi, Georgia found herself inspired by the beauty of her jacket placed on the back of a restaurant chair. “I looked at the chair and suddenly the idea came up to my mind, what if I dressed the chair?”

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Found beauty became conceptual fashion furniture with her conception of Dressed Chairs, beautifully clothed chairs. “To keep the space around you always warm and cozy somebody will come back to get the coat back,” the description goes.

“Then we decided to collaborate with fashion designers. The first cooperation was with TATA-NAKA who dressed our chairs. In the future we are going to work with other fashion designers and think this project could have a great response and interest,” adds Nata.

Dressed Chairs can be seen online at

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