Elevate Your Visual Message: Look For On The Go Opportunities When Filming [Quick Tips Video]

Why you should look for opportunities when you’re on the go:

So many fashion-savvy people believe that they must be prepared, and have to properly set up for a stylish photo or video. It does not have to be hard to fit this into your busy schedule everyday.

In this fast-past world of fashion, opportunities appear everywhere even when you are on the go!

Whether I’m filming, going to a business meeting, or just out and about, I seize any interesting opportunity that I find super convenient; like when my shirt matches the wall.

Here are examples of opportunities on the go:

  •       The flowers (or trees) compliment your outfit
  •       A subtle city breeze that blows your hair (capture the moment)
  •       When the sunlight hits your skin just right
  •       An empty sidewalk, so your star power can shine!
  •       And many many more depending on where you happen to be and what you are doing…

Opportunities on the go are endless…

If you see something interesting do not let the chance pass you by.

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