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  • Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli, So Glamorous- Oscar Red Carpet Fashion 2012

    Giambattista Valli Emma Stone Oscars 2012

    Emma Stone seems to know a thing or two about what works for her body type, complexion, hair and most of all, her personae as the actress continues to shine in classic pieces that hint to old-school Hollywood glamor while possessing an appeal that’s more timeless than retro.

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    While her Giambattista Valli dress harkens back to starlet styles of the past on albeit ‘older’ women of that era, it does manage to add an undeniable dose of elegance to the actress’s repertoire without aging her what-so-ever.

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    What keeps it modern is her simple, pulled back hair, little to no use of accessories and relaxed attitude as it’s clear to see that the dress is not wearing her considering that it does makes such a grand statement.

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