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  • Emporio Armani – Men’s Collection

    Emporio Armani - Men's Collection

    Autumn/Winter 2009-2010

    Men’s Collection Fashion Show Photos
    Milan Men’s Fashion Week


    from the designer…

    A thought, a sensation, a green emotion. This world encompasses all of the facets of green, in a palette that merges into grey, darkens into black, picks up the brown of tree trunks and bare earth, and includes soft touches of white. The colors and materials create the image of winter warmth: not just because of the layering and quilting, but also because of the actual quality of the wool. (continues below)

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    Emporio Armani - Men's Collection Emporio Armani - Men's Collection Emporio Armani - Men's Collection

    Forceful and precise treatments emphasize the city mood of the sportswear. A touch of class for a young man who has no wish to exploit his own youth in order to shock.

    High-waisted trousers with straight legs and short jackets draw a slim, precise silhouette, emphasized by the use of carded wool, while chenille in pale shades, used for both trousers and shirts, contributes radiant highlights. Comprising single pieces, easy to co-ordinate, but each possessing its own individual character, this collection confirms that Emporio Armani stands for contemporary style, while each single item still has its own role in the construction of a distinctive and personal aesthetic.





    Photos, this page only, courtesy of Emporio Armani.


    –January 26, 2009

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