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  • Plant a seed, nurture the right way and you can exceed all expectations.

    When things seem monumental

    Live from in front of the second largest tree in the world in Sequoia National Park.

    Standing in front of something so incredible got me thinking what a wonderful analogy we can all use to grow.

    Plant a seed, nurture the right way and you can exceed all expectations.

    Watch my Live video at Sequoia National Park…


    Hope you enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed filming. Please share with a friend who might benefit from some motivation.

    It’s funny to think I’m right near the 2 tallest trees in the entire world…

    Look at how small I am in comparison.

    But each of these started as just a seed. And it took the right conditions for them to grow into these massive sequoias.

    So the next time you are on the fence about a new idea or new change in your life, remember that every “seed” you put out into the world has the potential to grow into something truly amazing.

    Here’s some more pics from the park…



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    Here we are… . Hubbs and I inside the base of one of the most massive trees ever. 🌲🌲 . Scroll through for more majestic wonders that thrive (well, except this one) inside King’s Canyon and Sequoia- including the TWO largest trees in the world. .🌲 Nature never ceases to amaze and inspire me. . 🌲 —> To help inspire you when things get monumental, check out the #igtv VIDEO I made for you while in the park. , 🌲 BTW: this shot is pretty cool, right? I just handed my iPhone to a fellow tourist to take the picture. . 🌲 I teach composition to my students so they can take cool photos whenever the mood strikes. . 🌲 Our road trip will be winding down be sure to also check out my story and what’s archived under the ROADTRIP icon on Instagram. . 🌲 What’s your favorite adventure? . . . . #monumental #motivateyourself #roadtrip creativeentrepreneur #bossbabes #focusonstyle #beseen #bossbabes #businesscoaching #growyourbusiness #businesswoman #goaldigger #nomoreexcuses #smallbusinessowner #millionairemindset #productivity #successfulwomen #personaldevelopment #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmotivation #businessminded #femaleentrepreneur #ladyboss #mindsetiseverything #succestips #femtrepreneur

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