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  • It or Miss: The Exposed Bra Back

    SoHo, NY

    Barebacking on a bike…

    I’m almost fence sitting on this one.

    My “professional” fashion brain says that to expose this much brassiere should be one big major fashion faux pas

    However, my better downtown girl aesthic takes over and thinks that anyone who has the urban chutzpah to bike a round in a deep armholed onsie with full flagrant exposure of a black lace bra deserves a big ol’ you go girl shout out.

    Too much information?

    The bare-as-much-as-you-dare bra back is a more than common downtown trend. Once wandering the streets in vintage lingerie was considered daring. That kind of lingerie exposure is now reserved for tourists visiting the big city to relive a teenage hurrah. Now, undies have gone about face and it’s the hook and eye that is peering back at you. Nothing overtly revealing but more of an unexpected flash of bra exposure that gives new meaning to a racerback T-shirt.

    Then there is the extreme of the extreme, with our yogurt eater, pictured left, wearing the revealing racerback and with yucky sports bra peering out… even when you do break rules, do it with some polish!

    So, my fashion darlings… It or Miss? The exposed bra back is is raunchy or right on?

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