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  • Fashion Emergency: Help! I’m in a fashion rut and only 22!


    Short torso, long legs, no style… oh my!

    Q:I would love to be proud of what I wear but it’s hard to feel attractive in my comfort zone of T-shirts and jeans. I also struggle with trying to find a style that I feel is age appropriate for me at 22 years old and not too young or too old.

    I’ve never considered myself to be very stylish and I tend to stay away from current fads, like gladiator sandals for instance.

    The brand I rely most heavily on is the Gap and while I’m attracted to the unique style of clothing at Urban Outfitters, I generally feel too lost to piece anything together. If I had to describe the type of style I’d like to have it would be put together, eclectic, sophisticated, and most of all unique.

    I’m not afraid of wearing color, in fact that’s probably the only stylish thing about my wardrobe.

    As for my body type, I’m 5’6″ and weigh 135lbs. Most of my height comes from my legs, which leaves me with my short torso. And most of my weight is in my hips and thighs :P. I’m a brunette with a fair complexion and feel that yellows and oranges generally don’t look good on me.

    I just feel so out of the fashion loop that I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions? Thank you. (Evanston, Il)

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    I honestly believe that for someone to look good, they also need to feel good about what they are wearing. It’s easy to doll someone up in designer clothes, to watch a fashion show and say I’ll take Look #5 from the fashion show, but that has nothing to do with personal style. It has a lot more to do with the ability to just buy expensive things to fit in. Boooooring!

    If you don’t feel right in what you are wearing, regardless of the designer label, you simply will not exude self-confidence. Self-confidence is what carries any look and makes it right.

    Almost more boring than being an uninspired fashion show copycat is to be stuck in a style rut at only 22 years old! My gosh, if you are in a rut now, what will the future bring? Let’s get going…

    If jeans and a T-shirt are your comfort zone and fit into your lifestyle, that’s fine. Be sure that they are the right fitting jeans and the right cut of T-shirt and use the simplicity of that as the launch point to build your style. Start adding layers, colorful accessories, fabulous shoes and you will have a very chic jeans based wardrobe before you know it.

    As you have long legs, start to show them off in skinnier fit jeans and fantastic flats. Add a well-cut, hip length jacket with strong shoulders to balance your thighs and to create a longer torso. Wear your T-shirt untucked to create a longer middle. Pop on an interesting necklace or scarf and you have the making of a really great classic look.

    Feeling a bit more bohemian? Try wide leg jeans and platform shoes. Layer a tunic length top over your T-shirt. Go beltless and rely on the shape of the tunic to visually create a longer torso line. If the tunic is simple, you can layer a cute shrunken sweater, even a sequin one to jazz up.

    Once you feel confident about your core look, you’ll feel less intimidated to try other things. You’ll be super chic in no time!!!

    Inspiration board of some jeans looks based on a T-shirt:

    J Brand at ShopStyle


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