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  • Fashion Mistakes That Wreck Our Nerves, Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 28


    In this hilarious video episode, Sharon & Brad may be wrecking each other’s nerves, but what are the top 10 fashion mistakes, plus one bonus fashion fright that collectively wreck their fashion nerves?

    Granted, anyone with a modicum of style would snicker at some of this fashion-less blunders, which may not be as visually fascinating at looking like a wackadoodle fashion victim, but just as off off-base.

    It someone never fathoms to amaze them on how there possibly could be so many people still just giving up on style, when making the most of what you’ve got is simply a good choice away.

    WATCH Fashion Mistakes That Wreck Our Nerves, Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver & Brad Boles, Episode 28:

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    The top ten fashion mistakes that wreck our nerves (today). You’ll have to watch the video to hear why…

    1. Repunzel hair

    2. Waitress clogs, when stylish clogs are still on trend.

    3. Tourista Capri pants

    4. While cotton turtlenecks

    5. Shrimping

    6. Bad eyebrows

    7.Sweatpants with something written on the butt

    8. Pastel pink or nay overload of a baby color on a grown-up.

    9. Flip-flops in lieu of proper shoes.

    10. Short-shorts over a certain age.

    And the bonus fashion mistake that cannot go unnoticed…

    11. Boxy, white sneakers!!!

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    Sharon is wearing a Jil Sander dress, her own of course… the Diamonds by the Yard via Lauren Arpel.

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