Fashion Victim Alert- How NOT to Look Like A Wackadoodle, Freakazoid Fashionista and Get Some Personal Style

Sharon & Brad’s Latest Radio Show: What not to wear and why if you want to avoid falling into the fashion victim trendoid trap

New York Fashion Week has come to a close and with it comes not fantastic trends for the following season, but the crop of trying too hard trend-addicts who no matter how hard they try, just can’t get it right!

On this week’s Focus on Style- Talk, hosting duo Sharon Haver & Brad Boles discuss what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do when it comes to looking stylish.

You better watch out, you don’t want to be on their list…

The Bad:

  • When does shock value become shlock value?
  • The perils of mixing too many trends
  • Wearing too little clothing
  • Not having the eye to pull off SATC style
  • Wearing too many cheap and garish items
  • Piling on trends
  • Having16 different focal points
  • People who try too hard to pull off crazy looks and can’t
  • Those big, clunky gladiator sandals and open toe booties that won’t go away
  • Don’t look like a porn star, even if you are one!

Listen to Sharon & Brad, LIVE, uncensored and off the cuff:

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Brad Boles & Sharon Haver

Brad Boles & Sharon Haver

The Good:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker personal style
  • Victoria Beckham dresses
  • Black Halo "Jackie" dresses
  • The Olsens getting fashion right
  • Anna Sui Spring 2011 runway
  • Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2011 runway
  • Understanding how to wear beautiful clothes that don’t wear you
  • The difference between an editorial fashion brain and what works in real life
  • How to wear high heels that you can walk in
  • Feminine "Lady" pumps look fresh again
  • Streamline your style to not look like a Picasso painting
  • Make a fashion statement with one major trend at a time