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  • Fashion Week Is Coming (Again), so why should you care about the runway?

    Are we looking at fashion Week through rose colored glasses?

    This week’s FocusOnStyle’s 15th anniversary online post tackles a question that we so often ask ourselves. In our busy lives and overstuffed budgets, what the heck does the fashion shown on the runway have to do with our everyday life?

    Well, read on to see how…

    I’m working on the production of my C’est Chic Crash Course  and have to say that I am very proud and pleased with the way it’s shaping up… I know it will impact the way you see style in your life, without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe!

    Ok, I get it. You’re busy. Really busy. Maybe even juggling a family, responsibilities, a wacky work load, and beau coup bills.

    15-years-Focusonstyle-anniversary-300So why should you care about the runway?

    Many times, THOSE clothes don’t even make it to the stores (well, maybe an iteration that’s more wearable). And, when they do, they are crazy expensive, over the top, and honestly, even downright challenging.

    So, with all our runway coverage (New York, London, Milan, and Paris at press time), are we looking at Fashion Week through rose-colored glasses?


    There’s inspiration and aspiration. Without either you get stuck in a rut.

    Style is all about evolving to your best you. You may not be able to wear runway fashion per se, but those nuances are what shapes our eye as to what appears modern….  little style motivation to keep you forward-thinking.

    Think of it as a guilty pleasure that permeates your psyche and infiltrates how YOU want to put things together when you get dressed in the morning. Even what you may want to try on the next time you go shopping. Doesn’t that make style sense?

    I’ve got to run to a parent’s event at my son’s school now but Naveed has plenty to add. Have a listen,S.H.


    Fashion Week: Why It Matters And What You Can Learn From It

    We know what some of you less devoted yet style minded readers might be thinking about yet another round of fashion week -who cares? Every season we riddle ourselves with the same thought, and then we get back to what matters in the merry-go-round.

    Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014

    Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2014

    Each season we look through dozens and dozens of fashion shows to edit with you in mind; to help you know what is current, whether you buy it or not. But even we tire of looking at clothes we won’t see for another six months in stores and at the end of the day, who’s buying that much every season? But that’s on our end, and its part of a job we enjoy in the hopes of communicating to you what is current. But what about you, what does fashion week mean to you?

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    For starters, did you know that there was a preponderance of style enhanced Birkenstock and pool slide styled sandals on the runways for Spring 2014? Yes, those ultra comfortable, durable and affordable sandals once considered too common, are now chic! Things change, and sometimes they come full circle and right back at you.

    >>DISCOVER: Our Extensive Fashion Show Coverage

    But without doing a little bit of research that could also be considered entertainment, how would you know the look of silhouettes to pair those Birks with? Back to the entertainment, fashion is meant to be a source of fantasy, to mainly help inspire you to look your best and live the lifestyle you desire. While some runway items seem too costumey or daring, they should also be applauded for their experimentation and could also be thought of as exercises in technique.

    When you pay attention to what’s on the runway, you can edit your wardrobe accordingly to enhance your look for the times and bear in mind that your style will never be considered out of date. There’s no need to look at every show, but if you keep track of highlights and your go-to designers, you’re destined to feel the joy of embracing the new.

    What are the main take-away’s from Fashion Week to take note of:

    • Each fashion week should be considered as a resource guide for what goes in the front of your closet
    • On the runway, the good & the bad helps you edit out what you least like
    • With all of the references, you’re destined to see a reintroduction to one of your favorite trends, sit back and hear how to wear it for today
    • You can laugh at what you think is outlandish, sometimes experimental fashion begs to be questioned, and is at the least entertaining
    • Nothing is to be taken too serious, after all, these are clothes for you to live in season after season
    • Do take the quality issue at heart so you can get the most wear out of your goods
    • Maybe your essentials are utilitarian, that’s a start in the right direction for navigating trends that may already be in your closest
    • Look how modern trends look on the street during the heavy street style weeks of each fashion week -don’t you want to give them a try?

    So,what do you think? Do you like or leave the runway for inspiration?

    Photos: FocusOnStyle, Dolce & Gabbana

    Originally Published on September 26, 2013

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