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  • Faux Fur Chubbies are oh so chic


    The Fuzzy-Wuzzy Party Must-Have Jacket is even better in a shot of color

    What happens when you marry two hot trends? You get instant party glamour!

    The fierce trend in fake fur is riding high.

    Add a fantastic jewel color in a retro modern shape, and you’ve got one amazing new look to take you into the party season and then some!



    While furry vests are all the rage stateside, Paris is a bit more excited about brilliant faux fur jackets. Particularly, a take on the fluffy 1940’s / late 1970’s chubby jacket that has all the disco glamour that looks so right again.

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    Take a look.

    We love the crazy glam appeal of something this big and bold, especially when the chubby is the major accent against a simple and chic backdrop.

    The burst of fluff modernizes all your classic pieces, and favorites from season’s past. When faux fur isn’t on your menu, think about fluffy feathers for the same modern vintage allure.

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    Stylist Notes: Model Elisa Sednaoui, our pretty poster girl for this trend, is wearing a chubby just the right way. Simple hair. Natural makeup. A classic and rich black velvet dress cinched with a belted waist to show off her shape. Then, the big, fluffy chubby!


    We also love that fake furs is not only kind to animals, but also super kinds to budgets as they are normally fairly inexpensive. It’s the dash of style that you cannot go wrong with.


    Photo of Elisa Sednaoui, Sonia Rykiel pour H&M event, Paris


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