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  • Work out in a Balenciaga dress, why not?


    Fit Flops – New Styles – The Exercise Gladiator Sandal beats cellulite. FitFlop sandals get the fashion touch.

    When it comes to body-bettering toning claims— ’nuff said, I’m your girl guinea pig.

    Last summer getting your feet into the limited supply FitFlop, “the sandal with the built in gym” was about as impossible as coming upon an authentic Birkin at a yard sale— there’s a chance but slim it is. Slim is exactly why these souped-up flip-flops sold out upon introduction in the U.K. and then stateside faster than the running of the running of the brides.

    Created by Bliss Spa founder Marcia Kilgore and a well-titled biomechanist, the FitFlop is designed with a patent pending microwobbleboard technology that promises to challenge hard to reach muscles with every step as it stimulates the gluteus and increases hamstring and calf muscle response, while reducing joint strain… whoosh. And, as Kilgore adds, “helps fight the onset of cellulite while walking to the office.” Not bad.

    I was lucky enough to score a pair of the original red WalkStar Fit Flops last summer and wore them wherever big style wasn’t a concern— to and from the gym, summer weekends, dog walks, around the loft. I have to say that honestly with all the combined attempts to stay relatively fit, I can’t pinpoint exact what these FitFlop babies did, but you sure can feel a little butt-thigh action in your stride… and, that’s good enough for me!

    Fast-forward to now, and the classic WalkStar FitFlops are available in the Original red ribbon design, plus patent leather. But the fashion-forward FitFlops in Fringe and Electra – Sequins are far more city chic… there’s even The Dass FitFlop for men because guys could use some tushy tightening too.

    The obvious piece de resistance of the new FitFlop styles is the Aurelia corseted FitFlop gladiator sandal designed in collaboration with the NY’s downtown fabulous fashion boutique Kirna Zabete. These limited quantity hybrid Fit Flop gladiator sandal boots come in either kid or snakeskin and work perfectly with a Balenciaga dress or a cute pair of easy shorts. Since gladiator sandals demand amazing legs to look great, I can’t think of a more winning combination.

    Available in June; you can reserve a pair of Aurelia gladiator FitFlops at .


    –May 19, 2008

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