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  • Wardrobe Basics: How to take what you have to flatter your hourglass figure…

    hourglass basics

     Stylist advice to flatter your figure! Hannah sent us a query on how she can update her current pieces and flatter her hourglass figure at the same time…

    Q:Dear Sharon: I have a lot of clothes but I’m not sure how to put things together to make them stylish. The clothes are older clothes and I don’t have the money to buy new ones. I have an hour glass body shape, and would love to be able to show it off without being immodest. Could you please help me figure out what I need to do to be more stylish. (Hannah via Fashion Advice)

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    When you want to pull together pieces to make a core wardrobe to flatter your hourglass figure— or any body type for that matter- you need to think about shapes that balance together so that the wardrobe potential of all the pieces is greater than the individual piece itself.

    I have an hourglass figure myself. Regardless of weight fluctuations, I never want to look too revealing as a whole lot of curves can be. Showing that booty may work for a Kardashian, but it’s not my style so I hear ‘ya. I don’t know what you already have, but I do know the core basics that are essential to building out a wardrobe for your figure type.

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    Since your waist is your asset, you want to select pieces that spotlight that. An A-line or fuller flare skirt is pretty much the best bet to also balance your shoulders with your hips.

    Be sure to include a jacket that’s either belted at the waist or has a nice nipped silhouette to complement your skirt.

    Add a pair of straight leg pants that look food with heels, flats or booties.

    A top that compliments your skirt will create the look of a dress.

    A classic stripe sweater will work with both the pants and the skirt for a sportier look.

    A trench coat or other coat with a belt will work over your jacket and fuller skirt.

    There you go… core pieces to create a wardrobe of hourglass figure basics!


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