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  • The New Flattering Pants – Want It Wednesday


    As we’ve devoted this week to helping you score an updated, easy on the wear and budget friendly work wardrobe for the season ahead comes a selection of stylish trousers that we guarantee will make you look slimmer instantly…

    How you ask? Well just like the black & white knit dress from Phillip Lim we highlighted last week, color-blocking and plays on print have now made their mark on the classic work ready trouser.

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    Take a cue from the trends and reconfigure your figure with pants that while in style, also happen to offer marvelous ways on making you appear smaller instantly.

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    Take the pair from Derek Lam’s winning 10 Crosby St. line (above) with genius color-blocked side panels in the always forgiving shade of black. While their retro-inspired lattice print adds a dose of playfulness, black accents also lend them a serious tone and make them all the more versatile. The trick here is to look for solid color-blocks on the side of each leg.

    True Royal contrast pants

    These pants from True Royal boast a contrasting waist-line that lends them a trompe l’oeil belt look while a contrasting back and front is certain to keep your silhouette looking surprisingly thinner from side angles.

    Ohne Titel contrast pants

    The curved contrasting panels on these trousers from Ohne Titel add a sculptural edge while tricking the eye, which is something we could all use once in a while.

    Shop a selection of flattering color-blocked flattering pants online now:

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