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  • Frank Tell Fashion Show Fall 2010 NY Fashion Week

    Runway Review: It’s a wild and woolly ride on 3D knits that has a well-studied reserve and articulation

    Set amongst a Dan Flavin inspired assortment of neon lights, Frank Tell’s recent presentation at Milk Studios was rife with a futuristic simplicity that was appropriately less urban warrior and definitively more wearable.

    Frank Tell Fall 2010 at New York Fashion Week

    Frank Tell Fall 2010 at New York Fashion Week

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    What’s remarkable about Tell is the fact that he can work with essentially trendier elements, voluminous yetti knits, sarouel pants, grommets and leather minis, without ever seeming like an over-zealous downtown crowd pleaser or trend chaser, everything has a well-studied reserve and articulation.

    Here icey blue patch worked yetti knits, grommet edged suiting and generous leather neck pieces stood out amongst the collections overall clean spirit. –Naveed Hussain, VagabondNYC

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