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  • Frantic 411: On the scene with Rachel Roy, Veronica Webb, Sarita Chowdhuri

    Veronica Webb - Archive photo

    The Rachel Roy Spring 2010 Collection shown at Cedar Lake on West 26th Street, which used to be Annie Leibovitz’s photo studio back in the day…

    was a pleasant surprise, not only for the main event of very tailored yet sexy fitted clothes– neutral palettes with shots of bright teal, chartreuse and a purpley/pink– but also for the venue, presentation,and celebrity chitchat.

    I usually don’t like running around to different show venues except near The Tents, but it really was a beautiful day, so I did not mind. I was not alone… Patrick McMullen was schmoozing, flirting and of course posing with Mary Alice Stephenson, the fashion stylist. Instead of Patrick taking the pics, other photogs were taking pics of him and her!

    After the first RR presentation, I met the Indian film and TV actress, Sarita Chowdhuri, recently on NBC in KINGS, which unfortunately was cancelled this season, and her adorable 6-year-old daughter Marjoli.

    Sarita shared a little tidbit with me about how she knows Rachel Roy… she told me that they were friendly when they both were living in NYC. Sarita had a date and asked RR to borrow a pair of Indian sandals, “she always had good taste.” Doesn’t everything start with the FEET? Since I am a Pisces I should know that’s’ why I am ruled by my feet… and, they are killin’ me now!!!

    On my way out of RR’s show and on my way to The Tents to meet Sharon… I had a celebrity run in with the beautiful model/TV spokesperson/actress/fashion icon Veronica Webb. Well, I asked VW, what she was up to these days and she said, “watch out for me on the WEB”… very cute VW. We can’t wait to watch Ms. Webb on the Web.

    Speaking of the V word… on Sunday evening I was given an invite to see a collection from VASSILIOS KOSTETSOS… PHIDIAS… Kalos Pantarkes Collection… not only is this Greek to me, but it was Greek to everyone since he is obviously Greek, which is fantastic, since his collection was haute couture and Grecian Goddess like, but please the name! Who can remember that, except for his whole Greek family who were in the audience at the Salon in Bryant Park… so what about just V or VK.?! Mazel Tov to you V! … Signing off until next time, this 411 Frantic

    Photographer: Janet Mayer / PR Photos






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