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  • It’s freezing! Wear a trapper hat, they’re chic (now)


    It’s still cold out and when its Freezing wear a trapper hat! Do like a woodsman and follow Madonna’s stylish lead and try a classic trapper hat for full coverage that’s both glam and practical…

    We’ve been wanting to talk about the transition from Elmer Fud to chic when it comes to wearing a trapper hat. When we saw this snap that Bally sent over of Madonna wearing one, we decided it’s time to take the trend live.

    Baby it’s Cold Out! Gather these essentials to keep you warm and cozy…

    Why it works? For starters, its a great way to make a stylish statement even in the coldest of climates while a larger version can also make you appear larger then life.

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    And best of all, you can use one to eliminate the need for a neck scarf and earmuffs.  Plus, you can use one to add an unexpectedly tomboyish yet glamourous appeal to even the most femme of looks without looking all out sporty.

    Not for you? Try a mountain upsweep! Oh right, that’s a slouchy beanie!

    Loving the trapper look but prefer a faux fur, animal friendly version? Here are some stylish faux fur trapper hats online now:


    Photo: Bally

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