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  • A little French Chic… the cashmere poncho


    I’ll Have What She’s Having: A very simple and forever French Chic poncho

    A trip to Paris was supposed to be on my docket for next week.

    But we have far too many other quick jaunts on the schedule for that trip to work out now. Still yearning for a getaway to Paris, I found this Crimson cashmere video that I shared with the ladies in the C’est Chic Crash Course earlier.

    Then I got to thinking, why don’t I share it with you too?

    It’s full of great styling ideas on how to wear the very French chic poncho.  Plus, enough of a Parisian lifestyle dose to put you in the mood for a virtual getaway, altho brief that it may be.

    Not only is the poncho chic but it also plays homage to the 70s vibe that’s going forward in fashion. I pulled some riffs on the Parisian poncho for you to shop.

    Would you like your Passport to French Chic? It’s my free gift to you for joining my newsletter. See you there!

    If you’d like some cashmere care & shopping tips, watch my ancient how-to videos. The tips are timeless. The video angle is horrific, oh well.

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