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  • Friend of a Fashion Faux Pas

    Q: Do I dare tell me friend that her taste is atrocious?

    Sadly, and much to my regret, our dear friend, Miss Lady– yes, her real name– will join us for dinner and then we will go out about town. She will often sport (IN THE DEAD OF WINTER, MIND YOU!) summer backless slides.

    I have gently tried to explain to her that perhaps she should try a more seasonal shoe… perhaps, one that will keep her feet warm, and she laughed, and laughed, and laughed!

    My friend consulted an elderly woman (I’m sure a part-timer, cleaning up the post-Christmas rubble) at Dillard’s, in our fair city of Nashville, and was informed that backless shoes were all the rage year-round.

    Sharon, she looks like a slut.

    I’m no prude! I just ordered some delicious Weitzman thigh-high leather boots, so I ain’t afraid of stomping around! It’s just that this falls into that “white shoe” category – ya know what I’m sayin’?

    We have an important social event coming up and she’s scaring me with what she says she is wearing. I bought a cute Finity plaid wool suit with leather trim to go with my new boots. Miss Lady and those heels… eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!! Please help. (Nashville, TN)


    Will the real Miss Lady please stand up. Nope, it is not you!

    Ka-plunk, ka-boom, clink, clink, bliiiing… that’s the sound of your so-called friendship if you keep harping on your poor, stylishly misguided friend. Wearing backless summer shoes in the dead of winter is pretty darn dumb, let alone putting oneself at potential risk of hypothermia. Hopefully, your friend has at least cleaned up her callused winter feet.

    Yet, nagging a friend about her lack of dress sense is putting yourself at risk of a life left singularly to admiring your most self-pleasing image in the mirror. Look, you’re right, but get over yourself.

    As far as the “elderly” salesperson goes, she is just trying to earn a living. If your friend is gullible enough to believe her, well, whatever. And, if you are lucky enough, you may one day become a grand diva of style… age rocks, it comes with compassion- get some!

    –January 16, 2001


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