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  • My Friend Is Getting Bigger But Her Clothes Are Not

    My Friend Is Getting Bigger But Her Clothes Are Not

    Q:My Friend Is Getting Bigger But Her Clothes Are Not

    I know this may sound shallow, but my friend has that child pooch from having two children, yet still thinks she can wear crop tops with tight jeans! This only pushes the pooch up and creates a hideous (embarrassing) hangover of skin.

    I am no beauty queen or model by far, but I try to help her conceal her middle. However, she insists that she looks good and I’m embarrassed to go out in public with her looking like that. My other friends have made comments on how tacky she looks. Please help me find a polite, yet forceful way to tell her she needs to hide it not flaunt it. (Pasadena,TX)


    Oh the joy of getting older and having babies… you start having “elasticity issues” that you never dreamed of! Personally, flab is not something that I feel one should go out of his or her way to flaunt… but that’s me. There are plenty of cultures where a little– or a lot of– extra hanging out is considered to be sexy! This, my well-meaning princess of fashion decorum, is what makes the world go round.

    If your friend thinks she looks fine, well there’s not much else you can do except let her live her life and mind your own business. If you keep drilling her about covering up, she’ll drop you as a friend. Decide what’s more important to you, her belly or your friendship! You’ve made suggestions to her, now leave her alone and worry about yourself!

    If she asked for advice that would be a different story, stop before you start to be a nag.

    –May 9, 2002

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