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    Or, The Scrunchie’s Last Stand

    Q. Is a scrunchie attractive?

    A. Not on your life.

    Q. Does a scrunchie serve a purpose?

    A. Absolutely, it quickly, easily, and inexpensively ties hair back and off your face and neck.

    Q. Where are scrunchies usually found?

    A. Clumped up in a ball at the bottom of our purse, back of the glove compartment, or in that odds and ends drawer mixed in with an assemblage of MIA keys, expired coupons, one lone earring, and possibly a tube of Chapstick that’s missing its cap.

    Q. What would a woman of style say when asked about a scrunchie?

    A. "Oh, remember them."

    Q. Would a woman of style be seen wearing a scrunchie?

    A. Maybe while pruning the azaleas or as a desperate measure to tie her hair up when one is offered to her by an accommodating friend.

    The last word is, there are options that are far more stylish and it is bloody about time that you have decided to expand your easy summer hair repertoire.

    You do have it right when it comes to keeping hair "casually" in place. Hard, stiff, and overly done do’s only work if your name is Ivana. For the rest of us, the easy does it do is what’s happening.

    Headscarves, kerchiefs, but not babushkas are definitely in. Not only do they politely cover roots and add some zip to hair that really should have been washed, headscarves evoke the essence of Jackie O lounging on a Greek isle, or Audrey Hepburn whiling away and beguiling in "Breakfast At Tiffany’s". For the gamine girl with guts Audrey look, tie an easy-going small triangle-shaped cotton kerchief–super modern ones even Velcro.

    The Jackie O look is the ultimate in casual elegance and the house of Hermes Paris is the superlative in quiet luxury. Leave it to Hermes to offer the chic little book, Carre Hermes (available at Hermes shops now with a scarf purchase, or come Christmas as a separate purchase with proceeds going to charity) with a myriad of illustrated examples to tie a flawless scarf.

    How to tie a headscarf the Hermes way:

    – Fold 36 inch square silk scarf about one-third on an angle.
    – Place on head with folded part to front.
    – Tie ends at nape of neck over back portion of scarf.
    – Twist into a simple knot.
    – Voila, the perfect headscarf.
    – Place on head with folded part to front.
    – Tie ends at nape of neck over back portion of scarf.
    – Twist into a simple knot.
    – Voila, the perfect headscarf.

    For a whimsical and carefree look of the moment, tie hair back with jewelry designer, Gerard Yosca’s Pony Tail Holders Or, weave itsy bitsy bobby pins topped with flora into slightly tousled hair. Bobbets by Bobbe Pots (http:/ are mini terracotta pots that house a Lilliputian bouquet of silk flower wrapped bobby pins waiting to be picked into your hair.

    Add glamour to a simple evening outfit with a Jeweled Barette , or wear it with jeans for some daytime spice.

    When you don’t want your hairstyle to compete with your clothes, experiment with side-parted, slicked back hair in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck–secure with a simple dime-store Goody metal barrette or twist a chopstick-like hair stick into the spot a coated rubber band would go.

    One long bobby pin–and a bit of practice–is all it takes to twist hair into no-fuss, slightly mussy, modern chignon… the right amount of loose ends are alluring, not sloppy.

    Oh, if you suddenly find yourself in the passenger seat of a convertible, by all means, whip out a scrunchie…otherwise just a couple minutes of prep produce a fabulous finish.

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