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  • Get An Instant Update with These Five Trends Now


    Jump into the season in style and get an instant update with some of the easiest trends to incorporate into your look now -at any budget. Get inspired with these attainable styles… 

    Fall’s finally here and if you’re up to date with our daily suggestions here at FoS or not, there’s nothing to lose with a refresher course on what’s current that you can get your hands on immediately. So sit back and take note!

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    Since the idea here is to give you options you can quickly adapt for your daily routine and uplift your look with, a pair of retro-glamour evoking sunglasses makes for a good start.

    Take a pair like DSquared’s cat-eye above as one exceptional example. They’ll give you an empowering dose of pick-me-up allure and you can find a classic cat-eye at just about every price level.

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    An Embellished Bag-

    Prada Fall 2012

    Something embellished in a daytime shape like Prada’s retro inspired purse adds instant opulence to even the most basic of outfits and makes for a great seat mate. Just be sure to look for classic, structured shapes to keep it elegant.

    A Relaxed Trouser-

    Proenza Shouler Fall 2012

    Consider the seasons relaxed take on classic men’s tailored trousers as one of the most comfortable trends to pick-up on. Go for tailored pieces that boast volume and a fluid ease and pair them with a fitted top. From triangle shapes to pleated to wide-legged, look for pieces that have a stylized elegance.

    A Statement Pull-Over-

    Balenciaga Fall 2012

    Catch their eye and change your silhouette with an oversized sculptural pullover paired with a fitted pant or skirt. They look modern while making a nod to couture elegance. Even better is one with an interesting print or texture to punctuate the tops cut.

    A Monochrome Suit-

    Miu Miu Fall 2012

    Whether going for full-on print in a variety of options or minimal and monochrome, the key element to nailing the seasons suit trend is to go back to the spirit of the matched set. No longer does the idea conjure up stuffy garb as they now work as an effortless way to look instantly polished while making you appear longer and leaner. Now beat that!

    Update your look now with these finds:

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