Style advice to wear white jeans (in any size) inspired by Emanuelle Alt- beauty tips too!

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

We can’t quite get white jeans out of our minds since watching Emanuelle Alt, the editor of VOGUE  Paris jump around and do the best karaoke cover of WHAM’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go in a promo video for the magazine earlier this week.  We’ve coveted Alt’s rocker-esque update of French chic since day one and,  in this video, what shows the most is her  joie de vivre that makes anything she wears instantly cool. Thus reinstating the fashion truism that you can wear (almost) anything as long as you are confident and have fun with it.  

White jeans can be a tricky affair to pull off, but Brad Boles has been sizing up body types and shares his thoughts, with some beauty tips too… after the video).— S.H.

Spring is almost here, ladies, and that means you can rock the white slack or jean in any size without fear! Sizes 2, 12, and 22 make for some of the best silhouettes in the perfect pant!


The trick to dressing your body to its best advantage is all about where you want the eye to go!

For those sexy size 2 girls, take a floaty chiffon leopard-print sleeveless blouse cut on the bias, and pair that with a pair of skinny-leg white jeans.  If you’re feeling really daring, add a punk studded leather belt, a sleek ankle boot, and throw in a pair of bone bangles. Play up a smoky eye in neutrals. It’s all about the lash.  Bring it home with a nude pout.  Simply line the lip with a dark nude pencil, add a beige shear lip gloss, and you’re good to go.


For you ladies with that gorgeous shapely size 12 it’s all about the waist, so try a floaty chiffon top in black-and-white zebra…the blousy sleeve will elongate the upper body.  Pair that with white slacks in a boot cut.  This cut is extremely flattering because the flair of the pant leg balances the waist.  Take a metallic stretch belt and place it around the blouse at the highest point of your waist.  A tall, black, wedge heel will draw the eye up the body.

You shapely ladies always look beautiful when you play up the lashes using a nude lid and a liquid liner on the upper eye.  From the inner corner, fan it out to the edge and tip it up just slightly. Take a lip stain in a spring shade of red (more on the orange side) and work it in covering the whole lip.  Top it off with a clear lip gloss.

Being a sleek 22 is very simple when it comes to dressing and looking sexy.  You ladies always look amazing in a floaty chiffon animal print in browns and beiges cut in layers on an angle.  This sexy top should drop to the hip and have a loose sleeve.  The only accessory you need is a long strand of jet-black beads.

It’s all about the cut of the white jean.  

For you shapely ladies, you need a high-waisted cut with a Lycra cotton blend that flairs at the bottom into a small bell.  This pant leg looks perfect with a pointy high-heeled boot.

Bring out your inner sexy with a bold eye using dark brown shadow from the lash to the crease of the lid.  Blend from the inner corner to the outer lash.  Create a thin line of black liquid liner and tilt it up at the outer corner.  For the perfect cat eye, apply a double layer of super lash mascara.

The perfect lip starts with a medium plum liner.  Take care to fill in the whole lip.  Add a plum stain two shades lighter over the lip.  Top it off with a clear gloss and you’re just about as sexy as it gets.

I believe that beauty in any size comes from within.  The more confident you are, the sexier you become, and the more desirable you are to others. Ladies, dress without fear! As long as you know your body, you’ll be beautiful at any size!  — Brad Boles

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