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  • 10 ways to know if it’s your signature style or time to get out of your style rut?

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    Today’s BIG Question: Are you in a style rut or are you extremely confident about your signature style?

    Is every day the same for you when it comes to your style?

    Do you feel you need a way to snap out of the same old, same old style because you’re boring yourself to death?

    Is it really a style rut after all?

    Or, merely a need to add some zing to what you already have and love.

    It’s easy to have someone scream, you’re in a style rut!

    Particularly, if it’s a paid personal shopper or a segment on a TV show that’s after the entertaining (not to mention demeaning) sound bite.

    When it comes to your everyday style, so many of us like to have a classic uniform that’s the core to our wardrobe and the workhorse that melds everything else together. They are the pieces we love, that flatter us, and work for their money.

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    You need to ask yourself why are you wearing relatively the same things on repeat?

    Are you bored, clueless as to what else to try, or just feeling over your head as to what to do next? In this case, you’re probably in a style rut. Just thinking about it is a sign that something could be amiss.

    Start pondering if these core pieces are pretty much “the same” and you may really be in a style rut or have simply figured out a way to edit out the noise of too many things that don’t really suit you…

    Perhaps, you have created a “signature style”  that maybe needs a little refreshing to stay modern. There’s nothing wrong with that, actually it’s rather smart to hone in on what’s right for you and master it.


    It may be a matter of semantics when it comes to differentiating a style rut from signature style but the visual impact is oh so huge.

    You know its time to get out of your style rut when…

    1. People always think you’re wearing the same outfit.

    2. You feel completely bored and removed from how you appear.

    3. You buy the same things because you feel safe in not wanting to experiment.

    4. You recognize that you’re looking a little out of date.

    5. You don’t have a clue as to how to even update your look.

    You know it’s your signature style when…

    6. People say that you look great, as usual.

    7. You look at something and it has “your name written all over it.”

    8. It only takes a few cool pieces to switch out what you have for a whole new outfit.

    9. You feel confident and revitalized when you leave your house in the morning.

    10. You look chic and you know it.

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    Photo: Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Venus in Rags on display at the Tate Gallery, London and

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