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  • Get Some Style Inspiration From Paris Flea Market Finds


    Of course, Parisians style their flea market displays!

    Ordinary rummage sale? I think not!

    Leave it to the Parisians to cleverly style the way they present their vintage wares at the Paris Flea Market. It's one of my favorite places to visit in Paris, even if only for some interesting inspiration.

    If you find some large items, like the perfect chandelier or chaise lounge, most venders are pretty savvy to help you ship them back to the States… for a price, of course. Luckily inspiration is priceless.

    The last time that I was in Paris, I tagged along on one of Richard Nahem's walking tours of Paris and we had the most incredible time looking for fashion and some rather glamourous home items. I'll let Richard Nahem take you on a tour of some of his recent Puces St. Ouen/St. Ouen Flea Market flea market finds. Wish I was there, but this is the next best way to experience it, don't you think? –S.H.


    A few Sundays ago, I went to the flea market at St. Ouen/Clingancourt and took a different route than I usually use.

    Instead of getting off at the Clingancourt stop on the metro and fighting my way through the crowds at the part of the market that sells new things, I got off at the Garibaldi stop on the 13 line. It was a much different experience and I got to see the town of St. Ouen like I had never seen before.


    I walked a number of blocks before reaching the flea market and it was a most interesting mix of industrial buildings, auto repair garages, apartment buildings, and burnt out lots, sprinkled with some charming small cottage-like houses with lots of greenery and flowers.


    I took some tour clients a few weeks before and forgot how wonderful the colors, textures, and graphics were and the idiosyncratic buildings the stalls are housed in.


    I didn't come to buy anything, just to take photos. It was a clear sunny day and the crisp blue sky was a great backdrop color for all the funnily illustrated signs, odd wares the merchants were selling, and the quirky displays. I snapped over 200 photos and will share some of them with you in future posts.


    If you go, take the #13 line to Garibaldi stop and when you exit, look for rue de Rosiers and that will take you through the village of St. Ouen and the flea market. — Richard Nahem

    Here's a photo gallery of some more of my Paris Flea Market snaps:



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