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  • Get the Clean Chic Look from the Paris Fall 2010 Runways


    WHERE IT NOW: Streamlined, timeless, and elegant style that works so well in this economy

    Look ahead to your future shopping and back in your closet for the pared down and simple classic looks that paraded the Paris fall runways.


    Clean chic and minimalistic stylings that are unfussy, easy to wear, and most important timeless yet modern. If that’s not recession-proof fashion, we don’t know what is.

    Celine Fall / Winter  2010

    Celine Fall / Winter 2010

    There is a seasonless aesthetic to palette-cleansing Clean Chic simplicity that works so well in this economy.

    The luxury of the pureness of the designs is what always looks right and never dated. It’s all about perfectly stripped down and high style silhouettes that endure time and make the wear look elegant and chic.

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    We’ve been whining about a need for cleaner, more sobering elements in fashion, and while we fell for Pheobe Philo’s recent efforts at Celine (pictured above), there’s come a point to looking at the Fall 2010 collections where one must consider this: the minimalistic message is so clear yet how will you be able tell many of these collections apart since everyone’s jumped on the minimalist bandwagon and the camel coat brigade?

    Yes, Philo was on-the-money with her straight-forward, easy pieces after a decade overcome by aggressive “fierceness” & urbania, but with daily sound bites from every editor touching upon a “need for serenity” after they were calling out for “a need for uniqueness” last season, you’ve got to wonder that this minimal movement will be as ephemeral as the nature of fashion is itself.

    Another thought that came to mind when surveying last season (or really the next, Spring 2010) and Fall 2010 is how three of today’s strongest female designers , Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo at Celine and Hannah MacGibbon at Chloe, seemed to have similar trains of thought.

    Sure they are English, have worked for Chloe, and truly did deliver. However, it seems uncanny that while all three do have varied approaches, they are in the end delivering the same message. That’s not to say that each of their past and recent collections are not stand-outs, because they were and are, but it does seem to hit at fashion’s bigger problem. That being that fashion moves so fast, and that there are so many designers & labels to turn to throughout the world, that after a while, everything homogenizes into one message suited more for the consumer than the individuality of the label.

    Different Messages on the Same Ground:

    Stella McCartney fall / winter 2010

    Stella McCartney fall / winter 2010

    Looking at Stella McCartney we understand that it takes confidence for a designer to send out a pair of black leggings topped with a slim sweatshirt amidst a mainly minimal outing, but we have to wonder where the cool & quirky factor McCartney is known for injecting alongside her love of lace & tailoring went? What the hell is Alexa Chung gonna wear? It felt devoid of that irresistible insouciance we’ve admired for so long but full of closet-filling go too basics that are, perhaps, better suited for the Stella McCartney devotee who is now a bit more grown-up.

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    Chloe fall / winter 2010

    Chloe fall / winter 2010

    While Hannah MacGibbon’s been on a roll during her brief time at Chloe, and while she scored again with an acute take on classic & lush 70’s preppyness that strikes a chord with next season’s “serenity now” cry for minimalism, which appears to be perceived as the “new cool.” Philo was successful at repositioning the house as if a naive girl was rummaging through her mother’s old YSL collections, not her father’s Brooks Brothers cache. The ease here felt a bit basic, but then again, that’s not to say that it didn’t look good and very easy to wear, because it did.

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    Celine Fall / Winter  2010

    And while Phoebe Philo at Celine has started out with a big bang of wearable separates geared for the working girls of today, grabbing the attention of scores of copyists high & low, her Fall 2010 outing, while beautiful, failed to deliver an entirely new message and a new set of ideas. Take the mix of navy & black or the look we’ve posted above, which in one of our minds seems to be more an ode to Yohji Yamamoto signatures than a completely fresh, sensational message. And while the Forever 21’s out there will never be able to replicate the beautiful fabrics and precise tailoring of the collection, we can see it’s basic influence abound.

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    And that’s where I am flummoxed with the way the fashion winds seem to be blowing for next fall. From my stylist standpoint craving for something new, something major, there are so many no frills re-thought basics– more of what you see in stores for actual buys than what you expect on the runway.

    But from a consumer in want of refilling her closet at a time when we have to watch our spending, there is so much simple timeless chic out there, it it all makes perfect sense. Plus, what’s a better core to add all those fancy pieces than simplicity?

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    Originally Published on March 11, 2010

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