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  • Get the Trend – Floral Printed Shoes- Want It Wednesday


    Printed Matter: Prints we know, are nothing new, but what is new amongst the print heavy trend that’s been cycling through fashion is the idea of a shoe with a contemporary silhouette in an unexpected print….

    One that does all the talking for your outfit -in a manner of speaking, of course. After all, prints, especially the head-to-toe variety we’ve seen friends challenge themselves with as of late, simplay aren’t for everyone.


    Well, we’re happy to report that there’s no need to worry about missing out when you consider the myriad of easy ways you can incorporate the idea into your current wardrobe.

    Versus by Christopher Kane

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    No matter what your own particular chosen style may be, from comfort oriented to all-out fashion minded, think of the printed shoe as an ingenius yet practical way to nail the trend on the dot while adding a guiltless addition to your wardrobe that is certain to enhance many a look.

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    From simple jeans to mixed prints, when you pair printed footwear with your looks, always leave a break of skin to avoid adding weight to your silhouette and look for shoes with contrasts of their own.

    Both the Dries Van Noten (top) and Versus (bottom) options we’ve shown you here boast contrasting soles to not only highlight the trend but to also give the shoe a more urbane sensibility.

    A selection of printed shoes to update any look, available online now:

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