The Perfect Gift to Bring Back from Paris

Serge Lutens - Manderine fragrance

Look no further for some gift ideas that brim with Paris chic. Richard Nahem who designs custom walking tours of Paris helps a reader receive the perfect gift from Paris!

Question: I have a fairly wealthy male friend who lives in Paris and Deauville, as well as Andorra. He is coming to visit in three weeks and wants to know what I want him to bring me from France.

I don’t want him to choose clothes for me, for obvious reasons– what does he know and will it fit?

What would be something totally cool that I could ask him to bring that not your typical girl from Kentucky would have? Scarf? Handbag?

I just wanted to know what the Paris trends were and something a man can just go and buy, and not use his own intuition.
I don’t want anything I can get here, say, at Macy’s. (Louisville, KY)

Solution: I say what could be more French chic than a bottle of perfume exclusively made in Paris?! Serge Lutens, the top perfumer in Paris has line of perfumes only sold at the Shiseido Salons in Paris. Your friend can even order the bottle with your initials on it!

Another fab gift that’s sold a few shops down from Shiseido are the gorgeous, soft as butter gloves at Maison Fabre. have him get you a chic pair of python racing gloves or a fun pair of gold mittens trimmed in white sheepskin.

Maybe he will bring you both!

Les Gants du Palais
128-129 Galerie de Valois
Jardins du Palais Royal
75001 PARIS

Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido
25, Rue de Valois
75001 Paris, France

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