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  • Giorgio Armani

    Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Fashion Show- Milan

    Fashion Show Photos / Runway Collection

    Spring / Summer 2011

    Milan Fashion Week

    LA FEMME BLEUE Collection


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    Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani
    Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani

    In their words…

    An image, possibly a photograph or a still from a film: the Tuareg, blue nomads of the desert. A journey that transforms this concept into an inspirational idea, but with a feminine interpretation, signalling one of those role reversals that characterise Armani style.

    Totally monotone: matt, glossy, glittering with crystals and all-over sequins, iridescent, layered, transparent. Each fabric, material and treatment contributes its own nuance and substance, from satin to knits textured like lace. Shapes are fitted, distilled, and even when the individual items are put together, they create a compact silhouette that flares towards the hem. Skirt lengths are long, short tunics barely overlap trousers, while other superimposed garments cover the legs.

    The ethnic awareness that is always a significant part of the Giorgio Armani aesthetic exhibits its natural simplicity, always set off and emphasised by the meticulous detailing. From a turban-style knotted Tuareg hat to impressive and important jewellery like amulets, with large stones framed in fabric, fine braid, and glossy metal. The cuffs in grosgrain can also feature as jewellery, and can be worn as bracelets according to the mood and atmosphere of the moment.


    Photos: Giorgio Armani

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