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  • Golden Globes Beauty- How to get Julia Roberts’ updo hairstyle

    Julia golden globes

    We’re loving the elegant updo that Julia Roberts is wearing at tonight’s Golden Globes

    And guess what? We’ve got the step by step on how to het her hairstyle before the show is even over.

    Before we get to the hair tips, Julia’s Dolce & Gabbana look of a white shirt under a strapless top is something you might want to consider adding to your personal styling repertoire.


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    Step 1: On wet hair spray META LUSH VOLUMIZER from roots to tips. Then create a side part low enough to give it more edge.
    Step 2: Blow dry your hair with a medium size brush, giving as much lift on the crown as possible. 
    Step 3: Add META REVIVE DRY SHAMPOO, especially on the crown and in the back. It will help create texture and volume. Make sure you brush out all residue, if any.
    Step 4: Using a tail comb, tease hair, emphasizing the crown area and below it. Keeping a sixties-like volume on top, pull hair into a ponytail, tease it, spray it with META LUXE HAIR SPRAY and wrap it on its base to create a bun. Then secure it with hair pins.
    Step 5: Work all the volume in a flattering way, adding more or less volume and pulling pieces here and there to give it a natural and loose touch. Using the KÉRASTASE INITIALISE give a little separation and pieceiness on the front sweep – the more dramatic the better. Add more hair spray if necessary.

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