The Hamptons Gossip from Real Housewives to Hookers and everything in between from Brad Boles

Jill Zarin and Kelly Killoren Bensimon see each other. I even spot Camille Grammer. There are celebrities and Housewives left and right out here this weekend, and I have the dish!

The big weekend of the summer had plenty gossip to share and breathless Brad Boles was front and center in his pursuit of all things fabulous and gossipy —S.H.

Multiple Real Housewives, one diva, a rock chick and her boyfriend, a beauty maven, a newly christened male cougar, and 100 Russian hookers! All in between BBQ’s and events… so how was your weekend?

First, I need to pass on a very HOT tip:

Just this afternoon, as I was having lunch at 75 Main Street in Southampton I ran into Kelsey Grammer and wife Camille. Now, it looked to me as if that is not a couple filing for divorce anytime soon… just sayin’. Don’t forget that Camille is rumored to be appearing on the new “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” I can’t wait to see how those Cali ladies compare to my New York girls.

Devorah Rose of Social Life magazine and Brad Boles at the Social Life party

Devorah Rose of Social Life magazine and Brad Boles at the Social Life party

Cover Girl Kelly:

The Fourth of July cover of “Social Life” magazine is a big deal out here. Smart of them to choose the super-gorgeous, Kelly Killoren Bensimon of “The Real Housewives of New York Cityas this week’s cover girl. The inside of the magazine isn’t too bad either as there happens to be a fabulous picture of me at the art opening of “Social Life” creator and man about the Hamptons, Justin Mitchell.

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Kelly was honored with a fabulous party thrown in her honor at Justin’s gorgeous house. You know that Kelly looked as perfect as ever on her cover and in the flesh.

Kelly was honored with a fabulous party thrown in her honor at Justin’s gorgeous house. You know that Kelly looked as perfect as ever on her cover and in the flesh.
BTW: Justin is known for being surrounded by sexy, leggy beauties that have newly installed grills. I’m not talking BBQ grills, but real life saving floaties, if you get my drift. So there was Kelly looking fabulous as always as always at the party in her honor amidst the hoard of Russian models (oops, did I mean hookers?) perched along every inch of pool furniture!

My girl Jill Zarin was at the party to support Kelly. Boy, that crowd had all eyes on the two of them. Looked like the other guests were in want of some drama in the form of a catfight from the two Real Housewives, but didn’t get any! The ladies were elegant, friendly, and very well poised.

The fabulous yacht where Rob didn't fare too well

The fabulous yacht where Rob didn’t fare too well


As you know party hopping is a tricky thing out in the Hamptons because you have to navigate crazy drivers weaving around in their sporty and sleek Maserati sports cars. But if you are lucky enough to have a hot babe like Ruth Katz drive you right up to the red carpet, it is heaven! Watch for Ruth in September, she is one of the potential matches on “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Help, I’m surrounded by more reality stars!

On the Fourth of July, we took a quick drive to Martha Stewart’s East Hampton estate… if you can call it that, it’s more like a small town! Nobody pulls off a better garden party than Martha Stewart, nobody! The woman is incredible.

My first stop of the weekend was at the wine shop in Bridgehampton I had a celebrity run-in of the very cool kind. Katy Perry and Russell Brand were walking out of the shop just as I was walking in. They looked so in love. I hope they stay for the summer, as there are some hot pool parties that could use their rocker touch.

Beauty Tip:

CARGO Essentials- so easy a drunk starlett could figure it out

With all this parties, you wonder who has the time for fancy makeup, I have you covered. Ladies do you all know about CARGO’s Essential Palette and Mini Kit? Four perfect shades of earth-toned shadow imprinted with exactly where each should be used- lid, crease, brow bone and outer corner. This is so cool and a must-have that even a drunk starlet could figure this one out!

The Soirees:

Charles Regensburg, the contractor/builder to the stars, is my host in the Hamptons. He throws the most amazing Fourth of July party full of beautiful people. My girlfriend Lauren Arpel and I were trading handbag and jewelry tips galore. Her jewelry line is on HSN. Attention all guys: Lauren is best date out here!

Lauren’s beyond divine mother is the beauty maven Adrien Arpel who invited us to her Meadow Lane compound for Sunday night dessert. Wow, does mama Arpel know how to lay out a spread! And, her gardens are beyond… do you think Martha knows?

Lauren and I later ended up the party for The Box where everybody was dressed in shades of white. Geez, I’ve never seen so many trannies out East doing trapeze acts and back flips—could it be competition for the Russian hookers?

Rob picked out this new white linen outfit

Rob picked out this new white linen outfit

How could I write anything without talking about my favorite metrosexual, Rob Siegel. He just stepped off a 100-foot yacht when I showed up at The Box party on his way back from Shelter Island Sunset Beach. Poor Rob was forced to leave with a severe case of food poisoning within 10 minutes. If you ask me, I think one of the jealous ladies slipped something into his drink out since this stud is off the market and getting married in 3 weeks!

Metrosexual Fashion Tip:

I did have the chance to ask Rob about the fab out outfit that he was wearing. From gardens to clothes, it looks like the prevailing theme this summer is the color white from gardenias to drinks to clothing… it a complete whiteout! Rob’s fashion choice for guys to stay cool and look cool is linen

Even with temps in the triple digits, linen looks great in a beachy, casual way but still stylish enough to wear for cocktail, clambakes (roll your cuff up) , and dinner parties, or the occasional polo. No need to go crazy ironing the wrinkles out of you linen clothes as crinkles are in this summer!

Do we need this for Brad?

Do we need this for Brad?

Well I’m officially a cougar…

I though you would like to know that I am officially a cougar, although Sharon can’t believe this is my first time! I locked lips with the hottest guy at the party. Sorry ladies, but this one plays on my team. I bet The Countess would be very proud of me!

So there you have it for this week from hookers to housewives and rock chick in between. See you out East! — Brad Boles

Photos: Brad Boles

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