Gridlock Denim, Customize One Pair of Jeans for Endless Looks

Gridlock Denim at Kitson, L.A.

It’s a revolution in denim trends with DIY custom style…

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the launch party for the latest denim line to hit the market, Gridlock Denim, held at the trendy Los Angeles boutique, Kitson.
Now I know most of you might be thinking, “Ok so yet another denim line, what could possibly be that interesting or innovative?” Gridlock, designed by the brilliant mind of Tina Ghods, feature patented removable and interchangeable back pockets.

With over 40 pocket designs, one pair of jeans could create endless looks!

The pockets come in either the classic square or in the asymmetrical flap and feature embellishments such as metallic embroidery, vintage embossing, suede, corduroy, and my personal favorite, perforated leather. The colors are also very hot right now, ranging from classic dark and light washes to grey washes, and colored denim. Lavender anyone? How about Blue? White?

The launch party crowd

When speaking to Tina, what she wanted people to get out of these soon to be white-hot trend, was that these jeans were designed with their customer in mind. For the woman who is always looking to switch things up and to stretch her denim dollar, these definitely fit the bill.

They are lightweight and compact which make traveling a cinch. One pair of jeans can last you an entire trip when you have an endless amount of ways to change them up. Not to mention the fact that soon they will offer a feature, which allows you to customize your pockets. Never again will you have to feel like just another sheep in the herd.

In these intense economic times, people are looking for items that will last them and will really become a staple in their wardrobe and I truly feel that when it comes to investment pieces, Gridlock definitely hits the mark.

Pocket close-up from Gridlock Denim.

Whether you want to jump on the colored denim bandwagon, or like to sport the rocker edgy look, there is a style to fit every taste. Skinny, boot cut, bell bottom, you name it and Tina has it covered.

Get ready because soon enough you’ll be wondering where these jeans have been all your life. Elizabeth in L.A.

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