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  • Grown-Up and Affordable Eco-Conscious Lingerie From Stella McCartney



    There’s no need to resorting to any more undergarments from Pink anymore -leave those for the kids with Stella, Stella McCartney’s affordable new eco-conscious lingerie line.

    From one of our favorite designers here at FoS, the urban yet girly sensibility of Stella McCartney just got a little more accessible with the debut of Stella, her new lower priced line of lingerie. And as per usual, Stella benefits from the eco-warrior designer’s conscious stance.

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    Utilizing innovative recycled and organic materials, signature bows, prints and uses of lace, this is one outing that’ll have you looking fresh while watching your budget.

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    Prices start at about $30, and with that, you can finally own a piece of proper lingerie that is age-appropriate, comfortable and classic -from one of the coolest brands out there.

    Stella McCartney Lingerie

    Stella McCartney Lingerie

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