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  • Hair Accessories Alert: It’s All About The Hair…


    I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing hair accessories lately that put hats to shame. And what is great about them is that you suddenly have a covetable head of hair with little effort!

    Let’s look to Project Runways Kenley Collins for inspiration. Kenley has been sporting fabulous oversized feather hair accessories that keep her looking Betty Paige retro yet chic.

    The hair accessory trend started this summer when it was all about the thin braided hippie head wrap. You know you’ve seen it on everyone from Ashlee Simpson to your co-worker, and while that look is cute and ultra easy to pull off, its time for a change.

    Right now in Los Angeles, the ultimate fall-back comfy casual outfit for fashionistas is the maxi dress, thin headwrap, and oversized sunglasses. So whether you’re going to get groceries, or going shopping on Robertson, you’re covered! There are tons of styles to choose from if feathers and hippie wraps aren’t your thing. Satin bow barrettes, hanging gold chains, textured headbands, fabric flowers, these are just a sampling of what to try. And in these tough times, if you don’t want to fork out dough for a trend that you may be over with in a month then I recommend making your own great pieces.

    DIY Time: One hair accessory that I love is a flower head wrap made from a scarf or fabric. You simply grab a piece of fabric of your choice (preferably a knit with some stretch) and cut it into a 6” wide rectangle. Measure your head for desired length. Fold in half lengthwise and sew, then flip it inside out and sew the ends together. Then, using another smaller rectangle of fabric, start wrapping it around itself to form the flower. Simply sew it onto the headband and voila! You now have yourself a much more interesting ensemble.

    Another simple trick you may want to try starts in your jewelry box. I have a pair of gold leaf earrings that were passed down to me by my godmother that I don’t ever wear because I’m just not an earring person. Instead I’ve converted one into a brooch by hot-glueing a pin to the back. The other I stuck onto a tiny comb and use it as a fabulous hair piece! I’ve gotten several compliments and not to mention it has sentimental value. So next time you look at your old earring, charm, or ring think to yourself, what else can I make this into? Elizabeth in LA

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