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  • All Hamptons… All Gossip… A Socialite and A Pink Birkin Bag

    2010 Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge - Swagg Mobile Application Lounge - Arrivals

    A lady’s way to luxuty

    Brad Boles remains on the lose in The Hamptons spilling the bean$… and, yes, the overuse of the color pink can make me cringe, expect on Brad, of course. — S.H.

    Action, Lights, No Camera…

    Polo in The Hamptons proved to be very interesting for me with the pink Birkin… ostrich of course. I know Sharon is probably upchucking the the thought of pink, but we both agree that the color can be chic on a MAN!

    I bumped into Tinsley Mortimer whom I haven’t seen in a few months so I was very surprised to hear that she is not shooting any more for her reality shows We had a good laugh about what living your life in front of the camera is really like… finally, somebody I could talk to about how it feels when people come up to you like they know you. She agreed that what people see is a very small glimpse into your real life.

    Six Degrees of Separation…

    Men In Pink: Rob and Brad

    Men In Pink: Rob and Brad

    Tinsley in person is very sweet and her boyfriend Brian is so sexy! Topper, Tinsley’s ex-husband, is dating Meredith Olstrom, daughter of the fabulous decorator Barbara Olstrom. Barbara is the one that did the interiors of Russell and Kimora’s saddle river mess! It’s six degrees of separation, as Meredith dated Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran after Julie Ann Rhodes, my close friend, divorced Nick. He went on to Meredith and, together for six years, they’ve lived in London.

    Meredith was getting restless to pursue her acting career. She told me a few months ago that she decide to return to NYC where her chances were better at landing a part. Enter Topper and the rest is history as they say. Tinsley is very happy to be out of the glare of the camera lens for the moment, but not for long: Fashion Week is just around the corner so lots more of her to come.

    The fashion faux pas that reached its expiration date (long ago)…

    On the subject of style I would like to address one of the most unsightly things imaginable: women with exposed mid-sections! What is this and where did it come from? Britney Spears can’t even get away with it, and forget Madonna. Ladies, at any age it’s just in bad taste.

    There’s a chic chill in the air…

    Fall evening transitions will soon be upon us! Day to evening glamour requires very little effort if it is well thought out. Pack a pair of evening shoes, throw in a colorful pashmina shawl and diamond hoops earrings. Your favorite evening shade of lipstick and a splash of perfume and away you go.

    A great evening fall look, I would have to say, comes from Black Halo. Not only are they chic but affordable and the style and color range is amazing! Think Jacqueline Kennedy but sexy!

    Seamed stockings are back big time. My choice is Agent Provocateur. Think Dita Von Teese glamour. YSL makes the best red lipsticks in the world. Buy it ladies and wear after dark!

    For the very metrosexual boys…

    My favorite metrosexual and partner in crime, Rob Siegel, is going to help you men out with some great fall evening dress tips:
    As my friends know, I always try to look my best no matter where I am. That means you need to be prepared to look good by wearing flexible clothing – outfits that you can dress up or down depending on the event or occasion. With my busy schedule, sometimes what I wear for work has to double for an evening look (whether it be cocktail attire, attending a charity event or late night at the club).

    • For cocktail attire, you can dress up a button-down shirt and jeans by adding a blazer. Or swap out the dress shirt for a tee shirt with blazer for a more relaxed look.
    • And when going out to the club add in a Chrome Hearts chain or bracelet.
    • As far as shoes go, you can never go wrong with a pair of dress shoes, but you can easily change the style of the outfit by swapping them out (Hugo Boss slip-ons for cocktail attire, Prada sandals for the beach clambake, Varvatos Converse no-lace sneaks for the club).
    • Flexible hairstyles are also important. Natural and wavy at work? Work in some product to spike it up for after hours. (Pic of Rob rockin’ a pin-stripe Michael Kors blazer, 7 Jeans, a Scoop v-neck tee, and Gucci loafers).

    Photos:PRPhotos, Brad Boles

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