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  • Hillary Clinton Glams It Up With a Fab Dress at Chelsea’s Pre-Wedding Party


    Enough about First Lady Michelle Obama‘s style for a moment.

    Former First Lady, former United States Senator for New York, Presidential runner-up, and the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is having HER fashion moment.

    Looking gorgeous, fit, fashionable and exuberant in a flattering and uber stylish green chiffon V-neck flowing maxi dress with a caftan-like drape on the sides, Hillary Clinton made quite the entrance at the after-party for daughter Chelsea Clinton‘s pre-wedding affair last night.

    In what has become a glamour-obsessed celebrity culture, I have to wonder what would have happened on the campaign trail if Mrs. Clinton had tzujed it up a bit more rather than wearing her trademark, down-to-business pantsuits?

    Watch arrival:

    Photo: via Today Show weddings

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