The Haute Hippie- fashion lets the sunshine in…

Fringe, beads, and a whole lotta love

The Haute Hippie – Fashion lets the sunshine in… Fringe, beads, and a whole lotta love

We went to see the "American Tribal Love-Rock Musical" Hair on Broadway the other day and I have to say that the production is still wonderfully moving and that the costumes are right on the fashion money for one of Spring’s top trends: The Haute Hippie.

[img5188|right]Back in its day, there was the Rich Hippie look, which is what evolved into today’s modern BoHo inspiration.

Yes, we understand the political references to the counter-culture Hippie movement in its time, so no militant e-mails please like the ones we get about grunge— it’s fashion here, not politics! Yes, we even have a special place in our hearts for original hippies still living the lifein Woodstock, as pictured here.

But for you…

From the runway to the be-in, think about mixing in some good old Hippie flavor into your spring to summer wardrobe. Grab some American frontier spirit, a dash of Marrakech, a hint of India, plus a mix of carefree parts of an unknown globetrotter, and there you have the modern hippie look.

We are loving fringe, suede moccasins, beading, a little caftan, some feathers, ripped denim, embroidered accents, country florals, distressed boots or rugged gladiator sandals, and a general feel of a casual, easy, and natural silhouette that feels so right for the warmer months.

Go ahead and unwind with some BoHo inspiration and while you are at it, let the sunshine in!!!

Get your Haute Hippie on:

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–April 09, 2009

Miss Sixty photo courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.


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