Stylist Advice: Can a man look like a man in women’s clothes?

How can a man be stylish in women’s clothes?…

Men in women’s clothes? Nothing new with that query but how do you make it work when wanting to don something stylish from the other sex without, well, looking like the other sex you ask? Let’s help our reader make an on trend for everyone women’s jacket work for him without having to sacrifice his masculinity or look like an amateur cross-dresser

q2 Do you think I could wear this (jacket, above) in public without people realizing it is actually for women? Might be worth noting it fits me differently than a woman because I lack the curves. Do you think men or women would be more likely to notice? Which would be more likely to care if they did notice? (M.C via Fashion Advice)

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A:Since the jacket is an on trend hybrid of a classic motorcycle jacket married with a traditional peacoat, the answer is very much a yes. However if there are hips and darts meant for a woman, it will create unnecessary volume which in turn will make it a dead ringer for a woman’s jacket. Which is okay if that suits you, however for a proper fit and the confidence boost of your best guy friends dying to know where you got your unusual jacket from, we suggest spending the 30 or so bucks it will cost to have a tailor take care of the silhouette for you. Otherwise, the secret is out with both your girlfriends and your best buddies.

I myself have a hard time fitting in men’s clothes without looking childish so for a more professional fit & look, I often tend to shop the women’s dept. for anonymous classics, especially those with a twist such as your jacket. This in turn allows more variety for me to choose from at all different price points, keeps me on trend much easier and gives me the opportunity to stand apart from the pack with hardly a mention from any naysayers. Just be sure to pay attention to fit and the little details and most importantly, keep your confidence afloat as at the end of the day, does it really matter if it is a women’s jacket or not?

The answer should only matter if you are considering say a pink jacket, or something obviously femme. Otherwise, give it a go -what’s to lose?

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