How to accentuate cleavage? Tips and tricks to bust out without surgery

 Try a few insider stylist tricks to show off your girls with gusto!

Q:Dear Sharon: I’m going through a style metamorphosis and finally coming to terms with my curves, albeit wanting to make my B’s look more like C’s- without surgery.

I want to show off my figure but have no idea how to accentuate cleavage. I have a few special occasions coming up and feel like it’s my time to manifest my Sofia Vergara moment! Please help. (J.C.via Fashion Advice)

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 First off, you need to be sure that it is an appropriate situation to be flaunting your lady bumps. The last you thing you want to do is be in a professional (unless that’s your profession, wink, wink) situation where your tits are doing the talking rather than your acumen.

That said, how to accentuate cleavage is all a matter of what your wear, both on the inside and outside.

Try some of these bust boosting tricks…

A V-neck (very on trend for fall 2013), plunging or polite, will always create the illusion of a longer line and draw attention to your bosom. Try a long pendant necklace to continue the line down your outfit.

Knits and jersey fabrics will emphasize your breasts more than woven fabrics.Yup, it’s all about the cling appeal.

An old stylist trick for models, the red carpet, and even drag queens, is to wear two bras at once.  Wear one bra that pushes you together with another bra that lifts you up. Although undressing may be cumbersome, you’ll get the added oomph.

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Chicken cutlets! Braza Silicone Triangle Bra Inserts
Chicken cutlets! Braza Silicone Triangle Bra Inserts

Chicken cutlets. No, not the kind you marinate & grill, but the industry slang for the triangular foam or silicone pads that you can stuff your bra for the red carpet or photo shoots. Be extra daring and use one under your breast and one more to the outside for super cleavage. You can also call these falsies.

Another behind the scenes trick from pageant girls to models is to use gaffer’s tape to lift and separate. Lean forward and place tape under the outerside of your breast to move them inward. You may need a couple of strips for the right angle. Another strip underneath to lift. Works great for backless dresses where wearing a bra can be difficult. You can also use stick on bras, like BrazaBra, but you can control the lift more with tape.

Try contouring your cleavage just as you would your cheek bones. Brush brown contour powder around your breasts closet to your chest bone using a proper blush brush. Add highlighting powder with a larger brush to the fleshy area you want to draw attention too.

Marilyn Monroe was said to have little round buttons sewn into her bras for her own version of Nipplegate, but I have to say that it’s going too far for real life.

Wanna help my reader out? Please share you cleavage enhancing tips in the comments below.


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Photo: La Perla Fashion Show

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