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  • How To Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes- Fast Beauty Tips


    The 5 minute makeover for the pretty lady on the go!

    Every woman can benefit from knowing how do the 5-minute face– even ones who claim to not have the time when it comes to their makeup. Follow Brigitte Bigeard’s makeup tips to look even more amazing in no time. No excuses! –S.H.

    Whether you’re a busy mom, business woman, interviewing for a job or just pinched for time, here is a fast and easy stress-free way to do your makeup.

    The 5-Minute Face:

    Once you’ve washed and moisturized your face, follow with a good makeup primer for long lasting foundation and smooth results.

    Follow with a good foundation adapted to your skin type. Try and avoid the eye area. To be quick and clean I suggest using a foundation brush.

    No excuses, quick makeup tips

    No excuses, quick makeup tips

    Use your concealer around the eye area. Use a large powder brush and neutral powder to fix the foundation and mattify your face. Keep a compact powder in your bag to touch up when you get shiny.

    Sharon’s Tip: A makeup set, like this Laura Mercier Polished Palette, may be easier if ALL its colors are right for you. Otherwise, make your own custom palette.

    Find a good blush that you can wear everyday. Gently sweep blush across the cheek bone and around the sides of your forehead.

    For the eyes use two colors. Apply the first color which should be neutral on the entire eye area. Take your second color which should be a few shades darker and apply it in the crease of the eye. You can also use this color on the lid, avoiding the brow area. If you want a stronger or more defined look, contour your eye with eyeliner. I prefer soft black, brown, navy or plum.

    Now you can finish with 2 coats of mascara.

    Your final step is to line your lips with a neutral color lipliner. Choose a lipcolor that is suited to the look you’re trying to create. Keep your lipliner and lipstick in your bag as well for touch-ups.

    To dress up your look in the evening, you can darken the crease in the eye area and/or use a darker, brighter lipstick with gloss.

    Voila your 5-minute makeover is complete so you can relax and enjoy your day! Brigitte Bigeard, Pretty One In Paris


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