How to build a large facebook community with Leadership Girl Haley Lynn Gray [7 Days to Amazing Podcast]

Diversity, authenticity, entrepreneurship + the power of networking…

I don’t know about you but I think it’s pretty amazing having a large facebook community with over 60,000 members. If any of you have every dreamed about being a leader in your community, you are going to want to listen to Leadership Girl in this week’s episode of the 7 Days to Amazing Podcast.

Haley Lynn Gray, founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Network joins us with insights on networking, success and the unique fingerprint that exists in every business.

By the way, I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at the Leadership Girl Summit this weekend. For those of you that are  interested, you can learn more about the event and livestream access here.

Listen in as we take a look at social media networking, the core fundamentals entrepreneurship and the pitfalls that every business owner needs to know about.

It’s time to tune in…


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[00:00:00] Welcome to the seven days to amazing podcast where you learn how to make your life business and style even more amazing in the next week. Now your host Sharon Haber of focus on style helping you live the life that others only dream about so you can be the best at being you.

[00:00:28] Hello Chicsters, I’m Sharon Haver and you are about to be amazed.

[00:00:34] I have a truly informative guest on today’s episode of seven days to amazing particularly if you love community and want to learn more about building a massive community group on Facebook. Haley Gray is the founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Network which has over sixty one thousand members. She is also the CEO and founder of Leadership Girl and the brains behind the Leadership Girl live summit where I’ll be speaking next week. Haley is a sales and marketing strategist and social media expert who has started and sold several businesses. She loves to help other small business owners figure out how to get more customers in a way that is true to them and authentic to their message. Haley is a graduate of Duke school of business with an MBA and a concentration in entrepreneurship and innovation. She’s also a three time bestselling author with over 150000 followers on social media and a mom of four very active kids. She’s dedicated to giving back to the community and volunteers through several nonprofit boards. Welcome Haley I am delighted to have you share your wisdom with all of us today.

[00:01:55] Welcome. Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be part of this. This is exciting.

[00:02:02] I think it is kind of interesting to turn the tables and interview you.

[00:02:06] You’ve been interviewing me in the Women’s Entrepreneur Network group and you’re the queen of also interviewing so many people in there and helping other entrepreneurs. So give a little fast rundown on how this group came to be and how you started this as an offshoot of your business.


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[00:02:25] I was working with a business coach at the time and I decided to take a class and I took the class and the person who was teaching the class who ended up being a business leader said, you know if you start your own Facebook group and you run it for two years and do it really well you know that will be a fantastic source of clients for your business.

And I’m like, sure sounds good to me.

Why not? You know and I’m like OK so let me figure out some key words here and searching and I’m like OK so I started it and I called it the Women’s Entrepreneur Network.

And I started inviting my friends and adding people and my focus was OK how do I get clients and how do I grow it.

How do I get people to actually interact. Oh my gosh why are people not telling me. Why are people not interacting. And became this whole process.

I come from an engineering background before I went to Duke I actually sat down and I was like OK there has to be a way to create a process to get a Facebook group to grow and to be able to do it without spending a fortune and to make it so that people are actually coming in and engaging without spamming everything in sight.

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[00:03:40] So it was kind of a challenge I took before me to say OK how can I make this happen.

[00:03:45] And being a problem solver I guess yea it’s really interesting because when people don’t realize that there’s a lot of work in IT in a group I mean there’s a whole lot of work and interaction and I you know I know that there’s some there’s some groups where people just like to really come in and talk about themselves and experiment with their latest promotion and other ones like the group leader doesn’t even show up and people sort of live like in their fan shadow of like what was so-and-so say.

[00:04:15] So when they asked for proof of it then this was when people actually engaged in get things back and forth. And even though you are not on top of every post you’re in there a lot. And that you know it’s a lot of work and it’s a business group and I think what people don’t really understand is this is business is not a charity. You know we all work for a reason so it’s unclear how you manage to keep it going that is something that benefits not only your business but also the businesses of other people and by giving them lots of you know goodwill consensus what would you do. So you’re great at.

[00:04:51] So I actually learned very early on in order to get engaged that I had didn’t expect to type the contest that I was posting in there at the time today that I was posting that led me to actually discover the wonderful world of an auto scheduler online. So you can post on your social media using in this case they use a tool called me a girl because it allows me to reuse content we do and I I set about creating a massive library of content that I post on all of my social media. And that helped me grow to the point where I was actually putting ten or 12 times a day in my group. Plus when I happened to come by and do on my own but I’m not having to do all that myself I’m not spending all of my own time posting in the group or having to come up with the next post. I like graphics the Create thing and you know blog posts but pulling information from other locations and forces and build pretty massive library I have over 5000 items in my library that I use to post on. So that was kind of one of the tricks but I learned pretty quickly. The other that I think it was sort of a piece of genius was that I source management of the group rather than hiring an admin and paying an admin to do the group. I have actually gotten about 30 volunteers around taking on new volunteers all the time and we have a private group just for the volunteers who run the group and the group sort of runs itself.


[00:06:31] We have kind of you know a hierarchy because I started the group but you know everybody worked together as a team to come together and figure out OK so who was going to run the Twitter Tuesday post that was going to do this. Who’s going to be that. And the other admins in the group really go about policing everything. So the goal is to have enough Adnan’s that many hands make light work and have the group in some ways self regulate and self-growth to I can come in I can interact I can participate but I don’t have to be the one they’re approving every single post going in. Or you know monitoring every single person going in and doing all that because I know that the team of people that is working on it you know they are only doing it casually. They’re only volunteers but you know that’s all we all are. And so it works for all of us.

[00:07:24] Herbert Laszlo’s Well that’s incredible. It probably alleviates a lot of you know the busy work in admin work and the grunt work that comes from part of any of this. But what are the things also that I find so interesting about your group and about you is that you have people in there who not only come from different backgrounds you know brick and mortar starting an online transfer into online dating online for a long time but who you know like they’re so different it’s just so diversified as to just looking at the map.

[00:07:58] How are you managing to do it so well being able to talk to so many people with a different background and have them be able to engage in such a broad spectrum way because that really is quite a feather in your cap.

[00:08:13] Thank you. Well I think that you have to understand that in the end of the day we’re all people and we all have some of the basic same basic needs and concerns. You know we need to make money so that we can buy food to put a roof over our head to take care of our families and ourselves. And while many of our circumstances may be different our country may be different. Our race our gender identity all of that can be different. You know I really invite people with a lot of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds into the group. And then I also make a point of keeping a pretty tight lid on you know anything that could potentially be really divisive. And we watch posts that are potentially divisive. I don’t necessarily prevent them from happening but we do watch them closely and if they get out of hand we shut them down pretty fast. I mean there’s definitely two sides.

[00:09:12] Yeah. There is no obvious cray cray factor going on. And just some of them you get these people you know like girl boy they’re going to get lunatic again. It’s like no you’re right. It’s not obvious in your group that’s for sure. So one of the things you do is you said you started helping other women entrepreneurs because you had so many successful businesses and sold them. You want to tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to this point and I know it also transcends into your personal business coaching with clients.

[00:09:43] Write I actually let you go and I got my MBA in 2013. And the 2012 beginning of 2013 the thing that I discovered when I was in corporate before that was that I would walk into a room and I was frequently the only female manager in the group and the only female leader of any kind team leader you know anything there would be 30 men and me or 60 men and me and no other women on the line. So I was like OK there’s something kind of funny going on here. And then when I went to class I realized that only 10 percent of my class with women and that really struck a nerve with me. I’m like OK so women are obviously not getting education. They’re not pursuing the things they’re not getting the support that they need to become entrepreneurs. And talking to people you know I really understand a lot of the demands on our time and the pain points in child care and everything else. It can be really really tough to work a job. And you know do these things or just seek leadership positions can be really difficult. So I started doing that very much in corporate. But I also saw that in the entrepreneurial space where women are just not getting the right support that you need they’re not getting information they’re not getting high quality information. And. I can see that is a real need in the community around me.


[00:11:14] I started having people come to me when I was at Duke getting my MBA asking me questions about various things pertaining to business should I do this should I do that should I grow my business here. You know can we run an analysis of this that or the other. So I started helping people do projections and business plans and really doing hard core strategy in their business to figure out if it made sense. And then I also started asking a lot of questions of where exactly do you see your business going and why do you want it to go there and what are your goals and what are you trying to do. And so sometimes I would give them a totally different answer of what they thought it was going to tell them. You know should I grow my business. No in fact I think you should do just that the other. And I had one person who thought I was crazy because she was small and my girl scout troop. And sure enough like two years later they ended up backing away from the whole expansion plans that they had approached me about and went to becoming a small very small business they got rid of the vast majority majority of their employees and they’re running the business themselves because they realized that they were making more money with just the two of them than they were with all their employees.

[00:12:25] People don’t realize. I know I’ve gone through that. I mean I think every business owner goes through this with different every and sometimes what happens is not only are you paying more people to work for you to you like the smallest tasks but then you’re also policing them all the time and see if they’re doing it or you pay to project managers. It’s basically job just to babysit the other 10 people who didn’t pull through what they’re supposed to pull through and you know it might seem great that I have eight employees. But in the end of the day you’re not it’s you just you know it’s exhausting it’s draining you is draining money it’s just draining resources in it and it’s draining expansion rather than getting it type shit. Shit that doesn’t do it right.


[00:13:06] Right. Exactly. And that’s what they thought.


[00:13:09] So after that after I graduated with my MBA I actually went I did my concentration put together a business plan for a home care agency because I saw a need in a community for that. And I was doing some consulting and I went out and I Office started my home care agency after I graduated and my father passed away. Like I didn’t very successful together and I decided OK Life is too short. I’m going to get the best. Because corporate is just not doing it for me. And I started my home care agency in 2013 and I sold it in 2016 after my child. My oldest has suffered a traumatic brain injury and I realized you know OK life is really too short. Where is my real passion where do I want to be spending my time. And I realized that what I most enjoy is the marketing and the social media and working with other entrepreneurs and helping them grow their business.


[00:14:03] So that was why I decided to spend the vast majority of my time hey excuse me.


[00:14:09] Let me jump in for a second. We’re sharing a lot of amazing things today. But you know there’s more if you have a friend that you think will also enjoy this episode Don’t forget to share it now. Do you like to listen on the go. Simply download this episode in iTunes while you’re there. Subscribe and write a review so we can continue to bring you the most amazing content possible to help you be the best at being you in your life business and style. For more amazing episodes go to our podcast library at w w w dot 7 days two amazing where you will find episode transcripts and additional resources. Thanks for letting me jump in. Back to the episode.


[00:14:50] How do you describe most of your clients. What type and what level of business are they in when they come to you because I know sometimes you’re giving all this wonderful free advice in the group and I think it takes a special person to realize that you know correct me if I’m wrong or you disagree is to realize that you know you can get so much free information all over the place but to really really grow to a certain level you need to have someone who’s there is focusing on you you know and finding the right vitamins. So you want to just end with talking about this a little bit before we start recording if you want to just help people out on that more. You know and what you can get the support of a group and what you can get when you need a person to work whether you are a very small group to work with or hiring a programmer or you know whatever the options are.

[00:15:40] Right. And I think that that is a really great question. I see a lot of people on Facebook in particular and also in my group there’s a very large number of people who don’t want to pay for any kind of business coaching or consulting and they just want to get whatever is free. They want to get whatever fast. And I think there’s some of that from desperation. I just want to make some money. Just tell me how did you get in and I’ll get out and I’ll get done well unfortunately I can give you all of the generic advice in the world but it may or may not resonate with you. It may or may not actually pertain to your business. It may or may not pertain to your exact location so there are so many factors that go into a business and I like to say that every single business is unique.


[00:16:29] Kind of like your fingerprint and the way I think distinguishes me from a lot of other business coaches is that I recognize the difference. Every business has and that we are so very unique.


[00:16:48] And my goal as a coach is to help you find your strength and really play to those rather than trying to compensate for weaknesses or telling you oh you just need to set up webinars. And that’s the one sure way to bring your business you know set up the failed funnel and it will hurt your business and that may not be the answer at all.


[00:17:10] And the other thing is just to set up your cell phone a lot. You know it’s like hello that’s like a week for each one a full time work. I


[00:17:18] know one of the things I always say to people is you know if you don’t invest in yourself no one is going to invest in you because you could smell it and you could always smell the tire kickers. You can always smell the word they used the old country shiners you know the people who are always looking for something like that like the party crashers. You know it’s like did you always know that party pressure was and it’s just it. It doesn’t. You can get a lot of free information but you’re not going to get to that next level. And it’s if you want people to enough of you you have to invest in everyone I know with especially like when I do all my south side you know I also have a business background. But I’ve been in sales for three decades so people like oh well it’s like fashion I could flip through the pages of the magazine. Why do I need to hire you. And like I have an online magazine since 1999. Well yeah you could keep flipping. Just like I have a stack of monthly magazine. They come to me but that’s not going to do that twice.


[00:18:16] Entertainment reading that’s not going to change your life if you’re piecing things together in the same thing like when I was about people need a photo like oh I can you know I can take a selfie love and you know this picture of them looking like they just clean up their carburetor and it’s the wrong angle and the composition is off and this and that why do I need to have you tell me how to do a photo with like because that’s where you learn how to do on a photo set. That’s what you do when people are buying into you. That’s when you creating a brand and an image that is a million little steps to go from you know as you enter a decision to where you want to be. And if you don’t follow the succession of steps and you keep trying to piece everything together whether it be your business plan or your marketing plan or how you look in real life or how you look in photos or your brand message or what I like call stepping into your star power for your business unless you understand all the pieces together that are unique to you just like you say with your own personal fingerprint you’re just going to keep piecing things together and you’re not going to be investing in yourself in the right way. And it’s going to show are you going to be investing yourself in the wrong way thinking that if you learn all the tactics you can do it but you’re not really learning the soul because you’re not practicing it and not learning is someone who really walked the walk. And I think that’s genius you know and I completely agree with you on that and for everyone out there you know like you need to invest in yourself if you want others to invest in you. It’s really simple it sounds like you know marketing jargon 101 but it’s true. You know like you’ve got to figure out where to put your resources to get ahead.


[00:19:54] But the other thing too about working with a really good business coach or a mindset coach or whatever kind of coaching you know you’re in need of at that particular point in time is it.


[00:20:04] I can help you. Ugly making really expensive mistakes.


[00:20:09] I frequently save my clients more money than they ever paid me know it’s true and that that’s an other thing we’re saying the focus you know about the people who hired the 10 people so you can go to a business coach and all say well you know I send out all my graphics to this person why he was here at times and that I sent out all my infusions of funnels to that person I sent out my this to that when I.


[00:20:36] And again they have 15 people working for them. But if you’re really running a business there. You wear a lot of you know if I can say oh you know fashion is like I only know fashionable things to write you know press releases for mental cover epoxy.


[00:20:51] It doesn’t matter if you’re still selling something and it’s still a business and if you’re running a business part of it is a small business. You have to be able to at least understand how every part of that business is run to see if people are doing their job or not. You know what you can do in two seconds. So far a man in a good business coach will not be someone who has 18 employees and doesn’t remember when they only had one or none. And he was able to also say you know this is this is the direction you really need to do. Why are you spending all your time trying to do that you know piece of graphics when you can just do and I can bring you back in five minutes. So you know allocating I think your personal business hours is super important.


[00:21:36] Well and accountability also you know yeah accountability knowing how to allocate your hours but also getting honest feedback is so important. I mean I think that in a world where your friends are your friends but they’re not business experts and. You know they’re not you know that’s not why they’re your friends so why would you ask them how you surprised something or what your business contract should look like or you know who you should go to for X Y or Z. I mean you can’t you know do you know some of the staff and the other day. It just it boggles my mind because people also will sometimes go to somebody who is really selling them something you know they buy into the vision they buy into the dream and I understand that. However that may not be in your best interest if you’ve got somebody who is selling you so hard on something and it’s really not about fixing the structural issues in your business and in your life and making sure that you’ve got the underpinnings straight and you know that those foundational pieces before trying to tell you this massively This was the rig that your business may not actually support or worked well with or it may just suddenly fall for you now.


[00:23:10] Absolutely. And what happens is a lot of a lot of people are really the self people really really awesome salespeople and you listen to them and you. I want what she’s having. You know and it’s like how did you and they bought. They buy into it but they don’t realize all the other little things that go into it and how it may or may not be right for them and that you know that maybe they’re selling you like to look good on video and you’re like I I can I have know how to create an online video and I’d like to do that but you.


[00:23:42] They’re looking great and they have beautiful lighting you may have beautiful you know audio and they’re dressed nicely and maybe they did go to a stylist. They had they learned how to do it themselves and they looked beautiful and professional.


[00:23:53] And then you do realize all of my ad was in my Facebook ad and was exactly the same as theirs that lychee. Why did they have all these people in my own eyes because they missing that that you don’t have the star power that they didn’t sell you something part of their program. So you have to understand how to get all the pieces together to create the thing for you that best get the most authentic view that still puts you in that way that when you’re coming down somebody’s speed in this book for instance that you look real you look on the market you look professional you look lacerations. You look like something someone wants to buy into and that doesn’t always come from somebody who’s an awesome sales person you know because that person has very selfish motives just trying to sell you that one specific had to do a better webinars today. So here’s the 10 tactic but there were a million that that go into it.


[00:24:45] And then conversely there’s also the people who buy into these big branding shoots and they have these like fantastic photographs of themselves lounging on the beach eating a macaroon with a green juice in one hand and wearing a fluffy dress and they’re all done up then they have the life you aspire to in the Eiffel Tower and the picture of Paris in the background. And they come out and they say I was born yesterday but I made $40000 this weekend coming by my program on how to you know make your kid look like a star on Instagram. You’re like wow. You know most of that is bullshit too. So it’s just a matter of finding when you are looking for someone I think as a coach you know sniffing out all the other extras and finding the person who’s who’s real who walked the walk who’s not telling you the latest of ninety thousand programs that they’re selling is actually truly worth it and they’re not you know a sales person on land they’re not somebody’s fantasy image but they you know they’re the best at seeing them and they walk their walk. So I think you’re awesome at that. Also I just think you know yes if you have a real business background and there’s you know maybe I’m maybe I’m prejudiced because I have a business background but I think that if you’re hiring a business coach you’re taking advice from a business person you want someone who has not only concrete information but also academic information as well that you know they they get it from all sides.


[00:26:16] Yes they get it. They’ve done it. They’ve lived it. They’ve got the education and they’ve got the scars to prove it.


[00:26:22] Yeah and their scores. Nobody. You know this. You know I woke up yesterday and it’s $40000. Everybody comes with scores. You know all that stuff is like whoa. Everybody has scars. Learning grow.


[00:26:36] And $40000 you know what they’re not telling me is yeah you know I’m in the middle of the launch and it was my last week of a launch.


[00:26:44] It took me six months to make $40000 and it cost me $80000 to go.


[00:26:56] So you are having something really awesome next week you’re starting starting something. This is the leadership girl lives summit which is I’m signing on Matuidi talking about something that’s going to be watching it there which is kind of exciting. And you tell me a little bit about what she had to summon the other teachers and how you came through because I mean it’s so much work it’s monumental to put to put something of that scope together live and you get so many attendees the event is just like help everyone out. Tell us a little behind the scenes of what’s going on there.


[00:27:31] Sure. It’s the leadership worldwide summit September 22nd through the 24 in Durham North Carolina at the Vineyard. And we have I believe 17 speakers lined up and we have people flying in from all over the country as far away as California and it’s going to be really kind of an amazing event because it’s a fun exciting not just the learning and networking and business building kind of a weekend and it included kind of some really unique and different aspects from really amazing food to drumming circles with self-defense workshop to some icebreaking live music. Just a lot of different components that are going into it that I think are going to be a lot of fun here. It’s just it’s a unique event really aimed at helping people grow their business.


[00:28:30] It and I think you know it’s coming from the people in the group I just think being in a room of people who do all want to actively grow their business and are there to really do it rather than just say well I want to grow my business and do nothing about it I just think the energy of being in a room like that is fantastic.


[00:28:51] Yeah. I mean there there is something that is unique to being in a room with people that you don’t get from watching it live. Now we are selling my dream ticket. You’re not here locally you can buy the ticket. But I do think that you know while the learning will still be the same from the speakers you’re not going to be able to get that. You know I’m rubbing elbows with these people and really getting to know them aspect and I think that that’s one of the most powerful pieces of it is the collaboration that are going to come out of doing a three day weekend.


[00:29:25] Absolutely.


[00:29:26] I mean it’s just this film is personal you meet them when you’re friendly with someone in a Facebook group or just somebody else in your field when you meet somebody at a live event. You remember who they are. I mean people come and they respond I mean you create a different bond is nothing. There’s nothing that the human connection. Excuse me. And I just think it’s fantastic to be there and I highly encourage everyone to you know if you if you can get to jerm That’s fantastic. If not get to the live stream but there’s so much information there. I’ve seen the list of the other speakers on the business level. It really will take you to somebody so many different levels of increasing your business in so many different fronts. I’m thrilled to be there and I’m all excited about this presentation I’m doing.


[00:30:11] So there’s no slide into it I’m like OK. So we’re all going to be learning this together.


[00:30:17] One of the things that I love is because there are people there and it’s energy and everything I think will have the energy and the communication and the repertoire of going back and a live audience and that is just so you can follow that stuff up. You know you can’t bottle that energy and I think everyone should be there and I’m excited to be part of that and to go back and forth with everyone to be there and ask questions. And I know it is a Friday night of kind of a meet and greet before and just you know the presentations are I’m all excited and hope to meet you people there too. So before we end this one of the things I like to ask everyone is I know your events in a week so maybe you switch this in a different way.


[00:31:01] Like what three three or so a handful of takeaways whatever you think best so it can make their life more amazing in the next seven days.


[00:31:13] Three or four takeaways. Well I think that registering for the leadership girl life summit only the virtual ticket is going to be one of the things I tell you because learning is wife to me and this is really an awesome opportunity for learning and getting so much information.


[00:31:34] I can’t begin to recommend that enough. I’m sure that the second one will probably surprise you. Focus on taking care of yourself. A lot of people look at me and think that I don’t ever sleep because I have these great poster called me Gerth that makes it look like I’m often away all the time. But I actually really love my sleep.


[00:31:57] And it is important to me. So taking time for yourself sleeping eating well you know doing the things that you need to do your meditation exercise. Those are so important for life for business for everything.


[00:32:15] You can’t support anybody else if you’re not taking good care of yourself you know it may only start with hey I’m going to drink more water this week. But it’s amazing how much better you’re going to feel in a week if you just drink another glass of water each day you know. So it’s that little teeny tiny steps that doesn’t have to be you know moving Everest in a single weekend.


[00:32:38] You know and really it’s hard you know making your life awesome in the next week. Set yourself a goal for something that you want to learn or do and do it. Little goals are beautiful things. Life is made up of a bunch of little goals because that’s literally how you climb Everest one time.


[00:33:00] And you know that’s funny that you said that because we had Allison Levine on here and Allison is a leadership keynote speaker from Duke as she climbed Everest twice. Very good.


[00:33:13] People this is true if you want to roll a whole related podcast episode on that. Listen to Allison. That’s cool. I know I have. Actually I would say no I’m fine. I feel like in the 70s to amazing part because we’ve had so many wonderful people from Dubai we’ve had our living and her climbing Everest Everest we have Dorothy Clark who also was an instructor there and we have you I just think it’s just amazing what Merkel could say that’s a little girl you only get to ever ever Everest one foot step at a time one foot in front of each other.


[00:33:47] Yes. So it so good.


[00:33:53] That’s awesome. Yeah one step at a time.


[00:33:56] They get to the top. So I think that’s great. And I want to thank you for being here and once again give people the you are out there listening on iTunes and where how they can get you into leadership girl what’s the best way to find who the best way to find me is leadership.


[00:34:14] Girl back home. I know that that’s really complicated right. But my web site is leadership called our calm and if they want to join the group on Facebook Women’s Entrepreneur Network it’s a big one. Sixty one thousand members. Wow.


[00:34:30] So thank you so much for being here. And it’s been great. I


[00:34:35] can’t wait to see this. Let’s see what the benefit is having in my group I get to meet you in the flesh next week. Isn’t that great we finally have a live event to see each other.


[00:34:47] I’m so excited. I don’t invites me to meet people in person. It’s just one of the best aspect of what I do.


[00:34:55] I know to give people a real hug for just giving people a real hug. So thank you everyone. I hope that you know you’ll enjoy this episode or you know someone who will benefit from the episode from all of Hayley’s wisdom or will you say you know all the benefits of listening to the line up at the summit. Don’t forget to share this on iTunes shared on Facebook we love it. Download everything on iTunes you can listen again on the go to all the jams and talk to you guys soon. See you’re around if you need any focus on stuff you’ll have a little clip right after me telling you how you can go and sign up and not miss any of these fantastic episodes to see you guys soon. Bye bye. Thank you. Thank you.



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