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  • How to Look Sexy and Modern? Try some well-placed slits like Eva Green in Alexander McQueen

    Eva Green an AW11 black split sleeve dress and Pre AW11 leopard print peep toe shoes by Alexander McQueen to the ‘The Rum Diary’ London

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Streamlined and bold slits in just the right places

    There’s something about actress Eva Green‘s smart sexiness that reminds us of  the raw style of Italian actresses back in the 1950’s via Veneto days. It’s a control over non-fussiness and an emphasis on dynamic sex appeal and sultriness, best mastered in sleek, non revealing lines.

    Case in point: Eva’s on trend, but not trendy, double-slit & slit sleeve Alexander McQueen LBD from AW11. Oh, and those luscious leopard print peep toe shoes also by Alexander McQueen.

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    Smoldering liner and red lips keep the look graphic, clean and bold

    Smoldering liner and red lips keep the look graphic, clean and bold

    We saw the sexy open back slit on Amber Heard, and the playful car wash panels on Theyskens’ Theory’s maxi coat, so we’re guessing that you got the memo that slits are back and VERY on trend at the moment.

    So, how do you wear a slit skirt without looking like a 90’s runaway? Easy, with a few simple thoughts.

    First off, be sure that the slit is in a spot that shows off your best assets… no sense playing peek-a-boo with a body part that is better left to the imagination. As back slits, sleeve slits, double hem slits, and up the thighs slits are all on trend, there should be no problem spotlighting your best.

    On the other hand, the simple and seductive slit should NOT reveal too much… stay chic and sophisticated rather than trashy.

    Think of the slit as an accessory detail and let it be your outfit’s focal point.

    Yes, black is the most striking color. As the stylized look of a slit is very clean and graphic, honor that styling by not junking it up with an overdose of accessories, details, or patterns. Keep the look streamlined for the boldest effect.

     Worn right, a dress with well-placed slits is a timeless classic… get going.

    Click some slit ideas…


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