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  • How To (Not) Wear a Faux Fur Vest- the trend is trickier than it seems

    What looks pretty on the model can be rather tricky on an everyday woman

    Faux fur vests are probably one of the hottest fashion trends of the moment. The thing is that they are also rather tricky to wear. If you are not careful, you could look like a wild hairy beast that took over the mall.

    Not to mention that fur vests are not the most practical way to stay warm on anything other than a mild day.

    Let’s get the faux fur vest trend right.

    Here we have a lovely, chic model wearing the Quotation: Sanctuary Original Natalie Faux Fur Vest from Bloomingdales, picture left above. To the right, we have a real woman buried in one too many trends of the moment, including a faux fur vest.

    Our real lady in the photo above looks bulky and trend crazy, so let’s learn from her mishaps so you can pull off a faux fur vest with style!

    • Something as fluffy as a faux fur vest adds bulk to your frame so you should pair it with something that keeps your limbs looking lean.
    • A sheared faux fur or knit, suede, or leather style that has a big fluffy fur collar is more slenderizing than all over wooly fur.
    • Try a belted style to create an hourglass silhouette.
    • Pay attention to where the faux fur vest breaks on your body for a slimming effect. Make sure that your vest stops at a slim part of your figure and definitely not at your widest.  Longer & tush covering styles or a short and cropped vest are universally flattering.
    •  A faux fur vest is jazzy enough on its own, therefore make it the focal point of your outfit, and DO NOT over accessorize.
    • Almost never mix faux furs- if your jacket is furry, stay clear of mixing another faux fur on your boots or hat.
    • Avoid pairing fur with animal prints– you didn’t buy the zoo!

    Some faux fur vests to think about…


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